Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Alignment: CN
Religion: Gressles




Player: Animayhem

An attractive caucasian  woman with a light medium tone to her skin, with slightly below the shoulder golden blonde hair and golden hazel eyes. Her height is about  5'7. She carries herself regally and dresses in classic and elegant style. She normally wears gowns of blues,grays and blacks the color of her guild.  She makes all of her garments. One would call her shapely and well toned. She attributes her good health and shape from the fact in addition to being a sorceress she is also a warrior trained in all matter of weapons. She has a hellhound named Meca who is a pure demon but yet can act like a normal dog.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Though the exact date and her place of birth is unknown ,it is known she comes form a wealthy merchant class her family being crafters and tailors.  She is a follower of Gessles the god of crafting and studied at the Dorhal college  and is a fully licensed crafter.  Having family that also made weapons she was facinated by them at an early age.  She studied long and hard and became a skilled fighter setting aside her arcane skills. Over the past two years she has totally focused on her arcane talents so much so that she is apprentice to the Magus- Enflavious.  Originally accepted into the Arcane Masters Guild by Tony Alyows. After his disappearance she kept the guild alive and finally with the support of Haven ,Aria ANd Silver Oak, she went through the procedures to restablish the guild under her leadership.  She is also refurbishing builds located adjacent to the Dorhal college for the guild headquarters.

She has been involved in many prominent events but more so as background and support. Her skill as a crafter has people often seeking her out.

In Character Facts[edit | edit source]

1. One of her guild members Aria was on trial for alleged criminal activity.  As Guildmistress she was responsible for members actions.  Haven who was also a member and Aria's mentor acted as her advocate.

Toman Carshalley

2. Haven has been branded by a demon. A discussion on what is to be done. (currenty in progress) Meeting

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Family[edit | edit source]

Suspected Facts/ Rumours[edit | edit source]

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That she is romantically involved with Enflavious. Her relationship with the enigmatic gnome was always on for pupil and teacher.

Rumor's had it that the gnome some how had vanished suddenly, possibly to another plane. His sudden disappearance unexpectedly thrust A'rys into an uncomfortable situation, that of guardian of the Knower. Whether Enflavious will return or not one does not know.

The rumor of Haven being a demon was never totally proven one way or the other. However after the last meeting between Haven and A'rys, Haven seemed to once again vanish.

The rumor of Aria and A'rys hating each other was at least to A'rys and clashing of wills. A'rys knew that Aria had been through a lot and did not begrudge her for leaving. A'rys just hopes Aria finally found some peace.

Rumor's had it that A'rys and Tony Allows were mortal enemies. To A'rys, they were more like rivals with different visions for the Arcane Masters Guild. Tony left in a huff after the last meeting and has not made contact with her since.

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