ArcaneMasters Public Building (to be included in the game soon)

Arcane Masters

Leader:  A'rys

Player: Animayhem
No. PCs: 7
Status: Reorganization
Restricitons:  Arcanists



A group of arcanists dedicated to the persuit of arcane knowledge as well as the teaching of to those with potential. Headquarters located on the Dorhal college campus. We are also available for hire. Price depends on job.

In Character Information:[edit | edit source]

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Events Involved In[edit | edit source]

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Members List[edit | edit source]

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  1. A'rys
  2. Haven- Once A'rys right hand vanished again suddenly as he first appeared.
  3. Aria Lindon - promising mage but with a complicated life also left, whereabouts unknown.

Rumors:[edit | edit source]

  1. There have been reports that the original founder of the guild, Tony Alyows has been seen. Reported having died several years ago one begins to wonder what is truth and what is fiction.
  2. Melinda, one time paramore of Tony is rumored to still be pining away for him and thus rarely shows herself.

Although construction of the new guild building was started, suddenly progress seemed to have stopped. A'rys the designer and financial backer suddenly disappeared as well. The college was carefully searched but she could not be found. The wards to Enlavious's lab were gone. Searchers upon entering just found a basic aracnist's lab and library. No sign or A'rys, the knower or the repair drones.

Out of Character Information[edit | edit source]

Eventually there will be an actual in game guild area. It is a work in progress as I am the chief designer in the project.

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