"Aria Lindon"
Race: Half-elf (looks Like a Half Gnoll)
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Religion: Lutia
Classes: Bard/Arcane Archer/Wizard
Titles: Voids Herald, Gnoll Woman, Crazy.
Status: Alive, In a relationship.
Player: Absol 13

General Discription[edit | edit source]

At first glance, She looks like a well dressed half gnoll. Opon closer inspection however you know that her movements on her legs are off, as if they were not the set of legs she was born with.A tail peeks of from under her cloak, Large and furry, much like a wolves or hyenas.Her hair is raven black, her eyes are a bright blue and betraying her chaotic nature. Her legs are covered in short black fure, the same color as her hair. Her paws end in short but sharp black claws. Underneath her cloak are a pair of Blue dragon wings, the scaled the same shade of blue as her eyes.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

At a young age she lost her father in a tragic event and due to that her elven mother alienated her.Then she started out playing her mothers harp at taverns and inn,earning just enough coin for food-not long after she stole a spell scroll and found her knack for magic- from then on she travel around, Always seeming to find trouble or end up in it-She was infact Feeling from men who she was hunting for personal reasons when she snuck on the boat to Dorhal-And there, her life changed.

In Character Facts+ Events[edit | edit source]


  • Shadow Saga (main character in later parts)
  • Part of Arcane Masters
  • Voids herald was something void called her, a title which to day she shouldnt be called, lest you have a death wish.
  • Gnoll-Since the alterations void gave her were "despelled" by a ghostly apparition of her lover. she gained a few gnollish type things.
  • she has wings

Known Relationships[edit | edit source]

Aria Is known to:

  • Be good friends with Grace Fennerset. People have even heard them refer to each other as sisters.
  • Married to Nailo, though they've not been seen together in some time.
  • To be student to Haven, But tehy only rarely speak now, She's is persumed to have "Graduated" from his teachings.
  • Has a difficult relationship with A'rys she respect and hates her all depending on her mood and the situation.
  • Seems to have a "Co-operative" relationship With Valerion.
  • Her children Vhilnya Vrnea and Vanhalen.
  • Charia  and Aria have had a decent relationship though it became strained when the Void was involved in both their lives.  She helped bring forth Aria's children who were born in Feyview at Rhenallathan's temple.

Family[edit | edit source]

  • Nailo (ex-husband)
  • Grrr'Vrnea (Gnollish husband)
  • Vrnea (daughter)
  • Vhilnya (daughter)
  • Vanhalen (son)

Suspected Facts/ Rumors[edit | edit source]

She's famous for her struggle with the void. some people think she should be awarded something for it, like Charia Aria dosnt care, Or if she does, she keeps it to herself.most peole hate her, thinking she did it willingly (she was infact taken under his control, him havin her soul)

(The Player of this Character is comfortable with other players adding rumors to this section)

As some example of rumors maybe:

  • Rumored to be A gnoll castoff
  • Rumored to be in a relationship with Valerion
  • That she wants A'rys dead, and a buch of others.
  • That she's not fully sane-infact some people think one day she may lose it and just try to kill everyone.
  • There is a rumor around that she is actually A secret agent for some lord of a different plane where everything is opposite
  • It's been suspected that She no longer dreams of adventure and just wants to settle down at the gnoll tribe and enjoy the rest of her life with her Love.(much To Etriannas dismay, losing ANOTHER barmaid)

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