New to Neverwinter Nights Online or Argentum Regio? No worries. This page is intended to help you get started. Note that you don't have to follow this page at all and can start off on your own, but the information here is provided as a guide to help.

What do I need to play?[edit | edit source]

First of all you need Neverwinter Nights and it's expansion packs, Shadows of Undrentide (SoU) and Hordes of the Underdark (HotU). Some of you may have the game on disc(s), if so follow the install instructions and you should be fine. You can find these available online, download for a modest fee, at places like, so feel free to check around. When your NWN is from a download, you have an exact image copied to your hard drive, this includes the CD KEY. NWN requires a unique CD KEY to play multiplayer servers. Do a search for nwn cd key on the site where you downloaded your game to get information on how to have a set of UNIQUE CD KEYS sent to you.

If your install is from download, you are fully updated with version 1.69 the final version of NWN, otherwise you will likely need the update . Find the one that matches your installed version type. The City of Dohral server requires that you have the FULL GAME (NWN AND BOTH EXPANSIONS SoU & HotU).

Finally, you need the CEP the 'Community Expansion Pack'. This was made by the players of NWN and is the collected select works of the community assembled as one (big) easy download. Not only do you need this, you want this. The CEP current version is 2.65, ArgentumRegio requires CEP version 2.1 or greater to play or DM on the server. Many online servers ask for CEP because the it just adds so much more to the original content. It's the butter on the bread.

NOTE REGARDING INSTALLATION OF THE CEP - the CEP is made up of two types of files, .HAK files which belong in your 'hak folder' which is typically
and .TLK files which belong in your 'tlk folder', which may or may not exist (create the folder if it does not exist) which is typically
Be certain all the HAK and TLK files are where they should be and your CEP install is good to go.

And that's it. That's all you require to play online for Argentum Regio. We don't require any other custom HAKS nor OVERRIDES (the latter are use at your own risk - as this may mean you are seeing something completely different to other PLAYERS or unable to see something the designer intended you to see).

NWN not working? Something still missing? Visit our forums and post a message. We can help you out- NWN is an old game so sometimes things don't work smoothly with newer hardware or operating systems but all these can be resolved in our experience. Don't give up, the ArgentumRegio PLAYER community is here to help.

How do I play?[edit | edit source]

Got the the original game, both it's expansion packs, updated and with the newest CEP? Right, you're all set!

Launch your NWN, select Multiplayer, then Join Internet Game - note that you may use any username and password with NWN because it is no longer verified by the Master Server. The Master Server was taken offline some time ago and will not be returning by all indications. Not to worry most servers have their own security system to authenticate you, Argentum Regio uses a custom system for this so be consistent in your login there please. You'll notice that, under the Internet tab, no server's are showing. Sadly because NWN is an old game, Gamespy no longer hosts the server list. Not to worry, you can still connect to NWN servers, but you must know the IP (address) of the server and use the DIRECT CONNECT button/option. Argentum Regio NWN multiplayer server IP is

You can copy/paste the above IP info into the dialog after clicking the DIRECT CONNECT button to connect and the viola! The server will tell you if you're missing anything. If you are, just ask on the forums and we'll help you out, otherwise, we'll see you on the server!

A quick and easy method to get straight to the server is to make a direct shortcut on your desktop. To do that, go into your NwN files and make a shortcut to Nwmain.exe. Right click this shortcut and go to 'properties'. There should be a field called 'Target'. Paste in:

C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\nwmain.exe +connect

Note: C:\ is the usual location of neverwinter nights when installed, but you might need to change the address to match the location on your computer.

What 'edition' and 'setting' is this?[edit | edit source]

Before you make your character, you might want to know the bare basics of the world you're jumping into. As something you'll hear now and later: It's okay if you don't know all the lore.

Your character might be completely ignorant, or a a total know-it-all; whose knowledge unfortunately seems irrelevant in Argentum Regio. If in doubt about something, ask on our forums.

Some of you might be more familiar with Dungeons and Dragons (Which Neverwinter Nights is based on), and might be wondering what setting and edition we're using. Don't worry if you're not familiar or haven't played Dungeons and Dragons before - YOU CAN JUMP INTO THE GAME KNOWING NOTHING AT ALL and do just fine (we'll help you along if you have any questions).

For those who have played Dungeons and Dragons(D&D), but aren't familiar with Neverwinter Nights (NwN), then what you'll need to know is that NwN itself is actually 3rd Edition with a few 3.5 Edition updates, and the original campaigns are set in the Forgotten Realms setting. Due to programming and scripting, some rules and mechanics have been tweaked- the biggest tweak you might notice is that NwN goes up to level 40, not 20.

Argentum Regio has made efforts to add in more mechanics through scripting, making this server closer to the original pen and paper D&D then NwN could manage. Argentum Regio is more of a 'Homebrew' setting, which most closely resembles the Forgotten Realm setting. However, try to remember this is not Faerun- rather it exists in another plane altogether. As for edition, Argentum Regio uses a blend of 2 edition and 3.5 edition on top of the 3 edition base that is NwN. This might sound confusing, but the blend works well- for the most part, we use 3.5 edition mechanics, but when it comes to lore, we might use 2 edition along side 3.5 edition (For example, we have both the 2 edition 'hobbit' like halflings alongside their more edgy 3.5 'hin' cousins.)

Some of you might be used to 4th edition or even 5th edition, but we would ask you to please be careful about using lore or rules from those editions.

If you happen to accidentally slip in 4-5e lore, don't worry- In character (Character to Character) this will probably be brushed off as your character being ignorant or due to them having come from a different land. Out of character (Player to Player), you can ask to see what the differences are, but in cases of clashing lore, 3.5e takes priority over 4e and 5e (which ideally should not be used at all), and 2e, 3e and 3.5e are used to best fit the situation- feel free to open up discussions on the forum!

Making your character[edit | edit source]

Argentum Regio is a Role Play (RP) server. This means we like you to act as your character as much as possible. We encourage RP but we don't kick off players for not RPing, meaning you can chat 'out of character' (OOC) now and again without penalty, but continuous OOC behavior might result in annoyed PLAYERS and Dungeon Masters. We have a mix of serious RPers and casual RPers. If you are new to Role playing we're happy to help you try it out, and if you are an experienced RPer we'd love to have you join us. Note that while this is a BETA TEST SERVER we have NEVER done a vault wipe and NEVER WILL. PCs made here now during BETA TEST will remain playable when our BETA TEST is done. This has been a SIX YEAR LONG BETA TEST and most everything works well - we are close to the end of BETA. Make as many PCs as you like, feel free to experiment, we have lots of disk space.

Because this is a RP server, it's best to pick a character that you'll enjoy RPing more than a character that's a power build. Of course there's no reason you can't have both, but we value RP over fighting ability.

People take different approaches to making a character- some people have a concept in their head first ("I want a dashing bowman, who's good at fighting, but also talking!") that they then try to recreate through a build (Bard and Arcane Archer, perhaps?), or sometimes they pick out a build that they then shape a character around (Hmm, Elf + Paladin... wonder what story they'd have?)

So first things first:

What are you?

You need to pick gender (Restricted by code to Female or Male, even for races with other sexes/ genders.), Race, Class and Alignment.

Gender is up to you- for the most part this makes no differences on mechanics, and is purely an RP choice.

Take a look at our races and pick one you like. There are sub-races of the standard races as well, so take your time browsing. During the server beta-test all races are available (in order to test them for bugs). Once the server is out of beta testing, any non-standard race will be by application/request. Have a different race in mind? Ask on the forums if we can add it (we often do). Of course it's best if you start off with a regular race and show off your RP skills and learn more about the server, so the Dungeon Masters will feel more confident that you can make that exotic race PC work well.

Picked a race? Next up is what class you are, which in turns influences what alignment you can choose.

Remember you'll be encouraged to RP the class you choose. Also, as class is restricted by alignment (Good vs Evil,  Lawful vs Chaotic, and Neutral) and you can't change alignment on a whim in Argentum Regio, you can't mix two classes with incompatible alignments (Like Bard, which needs Chaotic, and Monk, which needs Lawful). So make sure you're comfortable with the alignment and the class you've chosen- if you plan to have more than one class you can RP them as you see fit, but it's recommended that you try to RP all the classes you have (So if you are a Bard and Red Dragon Disciple, RP both and not just one).

Who are you?

So you've picked your Gender, Race, Alignment and Class. You may want to customize your character to suit a race native to Argentum Regio, but don't worry too much. Customize your character how you like -dark skinned, light skinned, tattooed, bald, eccentric... the setting at the start of the game is a port city so 'strange sorts' are common here.

We would recommend you keep to 'natural' looks as much as possible (so not green skin and pink hair unless you have a back story in mind to explain it - ask on the forums before hand if you're going to go for more unusual looks).

As for where your character is from- don't worry, we won't expect you to know the world of Argentum Regio from the start, besides, a world is a big place so you can make up a placename nobody knows and RP it up as you see fit. Spread rumors of your homeland, hometown, customs as you see fit; you can do so both in casual RP as well as via your LOG BOOK entries. You're given an RP reason in game to not know the city or the local lands; your character was on a ship that was forced to dock during stormy seas and it won't be departing for a while. You can be from a far off land, from the city of the near by settlements or even from a different plane entirely (the latter should be kept within reason: such as Faerun).

It's also a good idea to pick a god you like. Now Gods change depending on the realm and land, but in Argentum Regio these gods are the well known and most widely known of the gods. These gods will give you aid and will become very important later on. It's a good idea to worship a god, even if they wouldn't have been your first choice- having divine favour from a god you don't like is better than none from a god you do. Trust me.

You can build your character's background and story as you go along, so don't feel frightened about just jumping in. The goal is to have fun, so don't stress over the details.

Backstory Fanatics[edit | edit source]

Ask about the Immersion Tool (IT) and you will know the server loves you too. This tool allows you to tell the server scripts the basics about your back story, which affects how the world interacts with your character. It's also a useful tool for Dungeon Masters to do quick peeks at your character's back story and shape their game events accordingly.

Feel free to write your characters story on the forum- you might even get Dungeon master's giving you roleplay experience points as a reward, or creating an event just for your character based on what they've learned.

How do I start?[edit | edit source]

So, your player character (PC) now built, your PC starts off in an Out Of Character (OOC) Area. This is intended to allow you to inspect/adjust the PC Inventory (there is a trash barrel for anything you wish to discard). Additionally the entry area has a special ALTAR for use by CLERIC PCs - it will enable many special features of our custom systems. When ready to proceed, there is but a single door; use it.

The next room is also OOC, it contains merchants so you can further equip your PC before entering the game world In  Character (IC). In this OOC space is also found a couple 'meeting rooms' for use by DMs who wish to assemble the PARTY before a scheduled event.

When ready to proceed in-game, have your PC speak to HAGGIS who is able to port the PC to various destinations.

Especially if you are new to the server, once in the city of Dohral, make your way to Noob U. Noob U (our TUTORIAL AREAS) can be a bit intimidating but don't worry - all the PLAYERS on this server have gone through it or learned the ropes, so they can help you out. You can ask another experienced PLAYER if they wouldn't mind showing you around and helping you out. The PLAYER-BASE is very welcoming so send a tell saying 'hi' and ask questions. 

It's highly recommended asking other PLAYERS about the world, both In Character (ICly) and OOCly. Nothing beats having a living person as a guide. 

Noob U will teach you all about the added scripts that only this server has. Don't worry about memorizing them all, you can pick them up as you play and learn them through practice - Noob U is simply the best place to see what the range of options are - and they are many while not putting your PC at-risk (all deaths in Noob U. cost nothing to respawn from). Note that most are very 'common sense' as our tools are intuitive about what you may wish to do based on what your PC is near, for example: a rogue standing near a locked door will get a special set of options because the PC is near a lockable object.

Once you've done the tutorials and picked up all the FREE basic gear you need to survive, head up to the college of Dohral. Your first time playing will likely be getting used to the server, but feel free just to go wild and start playing with other PLAYERS most are happy to welcome new PLAYERS and will ICly assist your PC. The backstory for a new PC entering the module is that the ship they were traveling on was storm damaged and took port in the city of Dohral - so the PC is new to the city (and thus a PLAYER can be comfortably IC as a stranger who knows nothing of the city; newly arrived).

You can, of course, 'Leeroy Jenkins!' the entire thing, and explore as you please. You might get eaten, but that's a risk all adventurers face.

Hint: Be careful in the city at night ... danger lurks in the shadows that new PCs cannot face alone ... flee dangers if you must (we don't require that you kill your spawns, our scripts will clean up behind you), but low level PCs are cautioned to travel the city by day or if by night ONLY in groups.

How do I level?[edit | edit source]

A common question - we all like having strong characters. But on this server level 20+ is considered Epic and worthy of respect, and 30+ is considered Archons and these characters are probably widely known and famous/infamous. It does take a while to level, but it does for everyone. This makes high levels feel well earned.

At the beginning you can gain levels from Noob U. up to four free levels (optional). Exploring and killing rats in the sewers or doing little quests from the TASKMASTERS in the local Inns and Taverns. There are sometimes no obvious signs or 'gradual danger' levels when it comes to exploring so beware- you could very easily run into a situation you weren't prepared to handle. Talk to the locals (NPCs) or other PCs for advice on where to go. This server encourages PLAYER interaction highly, so talk to people out of character and in character to learn.

After level 5, head north to Tivook . Here you'll find many PCs in the Inn, and by night bandits, goblins and worse on the west road. Be careful to avoid the ants- they've been known to run off with whole cows...

After level 10.... Try the Illfaw Fens, or the rugged off-road terrain along the coastline, or the wilderness to the north of the Zeethan river (which runs parallel to the east-west running roads of the outlaying Provinces. Talk to other PLAYERs, go exploring and get involved in DM events, which happen on a regular basis- RP is the greatest source of XP on this server.

For a more in depth leveling guide look here

Where do I get gear?[edit | edit source]

High magic gear is rare. Below level 20 enchantments up to +4 are nothing to scoff at. You won't find high magic gear just waiting around in the local dungeons or stores. For most gear you can shop around in Dohral. Wale's wears in South Chonda is a well known favourite among the local adventurers. The College also teaches you how to improve your gear, so it may be worth enrolling as a student.

You'll also need to keep your gear in good condition so be sure to visit your local armorer to repair your equipment.

Anything else?[edit | edit source]

Check the forums and feel free to ask us questions. We'll add to this page as things come up.

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