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Argentum Regio has modified many of the CLASSes. Some CLASSes that have been scrapped until further notice are Champion of Torm (Torm does not exist in the setting - a non-FR world), Purple Dragon Knight (dragonblood is adequately covered in the form of RDD or rather here xDD where you can pick your ancestral dragontype), and Harper Scout (again, because this is not the FR, this group does not have representation here on this world).

AT SOME FUTURE TIME WE PLAN TO ADD NEW CLASSES REPLACING THESE - TO INCLUDE PSIONICIST AND TWO AS YET UNSELECTED OTHER CLASSES. Any wishing to have input on which two classes will be added with PSIONICIST should feel free to post their thoughts on the matter in the thread dedictated to the purpose on our servers' FORUM.

NOTES FOR EDITORs: To add a class that is missing, please use the Class Template . Choose to make a new page, and copy and paste everything from the template into the new page.

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