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'Epic' Stories may be a bit misleading, as this category also includes Major, Minor and Character Plot stories.

Epic Stories: These are stories that are world changing or had a huge impact on history and the land- defeating evil that threatened the land, discovering a secret that changes politics and the world as we know it, war, and so on. Anything that strongly affects more than the players involved or are widley spoken about because of it's nature. Ideally these events should also live up to the term 'Epic' and span across many events and story arches.

Major Stories: Not quite as grand or world affecting as Epic stories, but still play a large part in Argentum Regio history. Rather than being 'world changing' these are 'land changing', perhaps only being known about or important to the Argentum-Regio territory. Perhaps an event that affected politics, or attitudes of the land, saving the city from a monster. Local Heroes. Can be short or long, so long as it's something that has many carry on affects and is the sort of event to be spoken about widely.

Minor Stories: Mini events that are still important in there own way- Saving a village, or well known NPC. Events that might not be widely known, but are important to the area and people involved.

Character Plots: While obviously important to the character involved, these stories may only be known by the character or characters involved, and while they may be grand stories to share around the campfire, they don't affect the land/server in ways that will make the story be popular enough to be widely known.

Be aware that not all of this information may be available to your character ICly.  

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