Creatures (fauna) of all sorts can be found in Argentum Regio and realms PCs can explore from that starting point. Many fantastic creatures, magical and mundane await your PC's discovery. Be alert!

  • 'Humanoid' is a tricky category, that sometimes overlaps with others, eg: Goblins, Hobgoblins and Bugbears are actually 'Goblinoids', Giants are Giants, Lizardfolk are 'monstrous humanoids'. The humanoid page typically covers all human like monsters, but if the race can't be found on that page, check the closest other type available- for example Fey includes many humanoids.
  • Technically Horses should be considered Outsiders to some extent, as they are not native to the realm, but are still only 'animals' beside that.
  • Standard races are not included in the lists (Eg, Fey is missing elves and gnomes.)

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