Guilds allow a PC to become a 'member' (if both the guild is willing to invite and the PC to accept). Guilds generally are associations of PCs and NPCs often for a particular purpose (such as "operation of a thieves' guild", or "combating the influx of monsters in Vestalla"), and associates will generally act to further Guild goals when given the opportunity to do so. Guilds may affiliate themselves with existing Guilds or Factions, and dissolve such affiliations as desired, but these associations while they exist, can impact the interactions and outlook of other Factions.

Guilds are able to claim Terrirories - and by controlling these Territories can derrive specific benefits from each (often unique benefits). As a consequence of controlling Territories, a Guilds reputation will be enhanced, while loss of Territories under their control can detract from a Guild's reputation too.

Guilds are able to possess and control a Headquarters (HQ) and other satalite properties that they can enhance with equipment and faciltiies to be made available to their own Guild Members.

The Guild systems here are based on the Player Guild System - Version 4.x created by Samius Maximus and Adam Walenga, with extensive custom modifications and additions. A general description of the system as it is on the server follows.

The RANKING Guild Officer is able to set/change the Guild Name, Guild Description, Guild RANK Names, and messages for the 'pending member' message, (controlled) Territory name, offer and abandon alliances with other Guilds, gift Guild Members with Experience Points (limited),

Guild Members are able to review (read) and post messages in a private system for Guild Member use only.

Guild Members can access a special 'Guild Storage' in some Claimed Territories.

Guild Members can review a list of recent inter-Guild activities.

Guild Members can review a list of their fellow Guild Members.

Guild Members can review a list of their Guild's Claimed Territories.

Some Guild Members can invite non-Members to join their Guild.

Some Guild Members can review the Guild History of other Guild Members, to include such information as donations, withdrawls, rank, and more.

Guild Members can review a list of responsibilities of their Rank within the Guild.

DMs can Remove Guilds and Disband Members from Guilds. DMs can also recind any Claim of Territory.

Some Guild Members can issue, accept and reject inter-Guild offers.

Some Guilds may be inactive- you you wish to reactivate them and take over, then feel free to ask on theforum .

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