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Guilds are player based groups, that can be created by a PC over level 20, and can have a large impact upon server events. Benefits to joining a guild may be items, support, message systems and training. The Server has many interesting skills that can only be learnt IG, and from other PC's or NPC's, so joining a guild may be the only way to progress forward.

Factions are NPC groups that are both part of the game system and mechanics (Influencing what is hostile or friendly), but IC can be seen as the politics of the land. Factions are associations of NPCs in a primary sense, and PCs in a secondary sense (by means of Guild membership).Factions determine the reactions of most NPCs in the game, they represent large groups of like-minded NPCS - for example Undead, DwarvenElite, Herbivores, DohralHighguard, etc.. These groups can each have a unique outlook with regard to other Factions and even the PCs. Actions/deeds undertaken in the observation of members of such a Faction can influence the outlook of the Faction regarding the performer of the act (and the Guilds/Factions associated with that performer).

Occasionally a IC faction is 'turned into' a guild, or rather a guild is given the same name as a faction, and made open to players to officially 'join' through a system rather than simply RPing as being part of that faction.

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