Argentum Regio has many typical animals such as dogs, cats, pigs and cows, but some animals call for special attention.

Druids are expected not to kill animals- the only exception being deer, as long as you eat your kills, and rats, whose large number and occasionally aggresive behaviour make them unnessary to be protected by the gods.

Those who follow Deeproot or Nagaelai are warned not to kill other animals, else suffer the wrath of the gods.

((Animal kills are counted, with some animals having different values. So feline animals add towards the feline kill counter, and so on. As of yet, there is no way of cleaning ones soul of these deaths, and some beings and gods will not look favourably on those with bloody hands- so it is advised not to kill what you do not need to- even if it attacks you first))


Bears are most likely to be found in caves, although occasionally wild magic will throw all sorts of odd species of bears into the wild.

Bear species commonly found in the wilds are grizzlies, browns and dire bears. Occasionally bears like pandas, spectecaled bears and even polar bears have been spotted, but are likely disorientated victims of wild magic.

Taking on a bear form or being a werebear will make all bears passive.


Deer are everywhere and are a good source of meat and hides. The best area's to find them are in the wilds, however they have keen surivival instincts and will run away from non-druids or predators. Deities of Nature understand that the deer is a prey animal. While respect must be paid to this species whose lives provide the hunt, they will not damn those who kill them, as long as they eat the deer they kill and do not waste a life.

((Deer are the craved food of Werewolf hunger))


Horses are not from this realm, and although very useful, are incredibly expensive due to their rarity and source.

Horses are drawn from another realm into this one through the summon mount spell. The Cholla, being the most powerful group of mages, have control over the horses brought into this world- as they geld all the stallions to prevent any horse being bred. Not only does this mean that the Cholla are one of the only sources to go for, for horses, but also prevents Nightmares being born. For in this realm, horses are born monstrous. Occasionaly nightmares can be seen with in the city, attacking all those who cross their paths- these are likely attempts by the uninformed trying and breed horses.


Small snakes and vipers are easily found in caves and in the wilds. But a notable snake is the Ilfaw Fen viper- whose venom is infamous. These snakes often gather in large groups, so one is advised to be wary, and watch their feet.


Wolves can be found in the deep wilds, often in small packs. Most common is the grey wolf, but dire wolves have also been spotted. Winter wolves are not unheard of, but rarely come south from their homes far north of Dohral.

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