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If you want to add a character to the list, please use the Character Template page, Copy the layout (Select all- will probably work better in source mode) then make a New Page (Click 'Contribute in top right hand corner and pick blank page, and enter your character's name as a title), and paste and edit. 

Please do not edit the template itself- we will have to undo your edits.

Here is a list of PC's in Arg-reg. Some may be dead, well known or new. Generally, characters over 20+ should be known, 30+ should have tales about them and those who have reached level 40 will be legendary. However, not all characters fit this rule, so pay attention to what is written on their character page. 

Also, not all Players will have added their character to the list, as it is at their discretion to do so. Please don't edit characters that do not belong to you, unless given permission by that player. Remember that not all the information given will be known to you ICly, and try to avoid Metagaming.

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