The 'races' page offers quick discriptions on each type of main race and list of current playable races. Playable races are races that have so far been given the go ahead from DMs to be played, but can be built upon. If you want to play a race not currently listed, feel free to ask. For more information on subraces you can go to the main article on the main race (e.g.  for Sun elves go to the main 'elves' article) . ARCD provides the playable races with special backgrounds, in addition to the NWN standards. These incur some special roleplaying requirements. For subraces type in the name of the subrace into the subrace box (Eg. Wood Elf). It's not case sensitive and does not need underscores. During Beta, to play a non-standard race you only need to apply on the forums. Once the server is out of beta, further restrictions and requirements will be put in place, to ensure the quality of RP on the server.

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