Inspiration[edit | edit source]

The inspiration for systems on this server come from countless sources. The founder has been a D&D DM since the late 1970's and brought to the table a large amount of prior experience with both D&D and many other RPGs. From the start NWN captured the founder's imagination; with experience in programming and most other aspects of RPG and computer game design dating back to the 1980's it was immediately clear just how powerful and useful this NWN toolkit truly was.

After grinding through a self-education with the toolkit (about five years) the founder was joined online by Eriniel who the founder credits as "the most splendidly briliant person I ever met". Eriniel is a prodigy and a masters degree level programmer with over 25 years experience in coding. Eriniel (Erin) was new to computer RPGs and RPGs in general, but took to the whole like a fish to water. With the amazing Eriniel taking a role as Lead Scripter, the two began refining the original ideas, and rounding them out with new features and systems.

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The founder, being a programmer from back in the days when computers had just about squat for resources, meant that the founders' style of programming is lean and clean by nature. Eriniel, a true genius who passed through the UK school system, is formally trained where the founder is mostly self-taught. The founder is known to frequenly state his great joy and good fortune to "pick Eriniel's brain"... a most amazing brain.

The systems used on Argentum Regio borrow ideas from many nwvault systems, other NWN servers, from D&D, and a lifetime of reading and participating in fantasy RPGs. While inpsired by many sources, most scripted systems were coded from scratch to ensure that each script played well with the others, causing no lag, no crash and as little resource usage as we could manage. This overall strategy has permitted the creation of a server including 1337+ Areas that runs stable and lag free for unheard of long periods of time (the server once ran for 2 months with no reset).

Goal[edit | edit source]

BIOWARE gave us an awesome tool in NWN - and the goal here is to push the envelope; to bring NWN closer to D&D. The NWN OC was a fine demo of the basic capabilities of the NWN engine/toolkit, this server seeks to go far beyond that.

Features[edit | edit source]

Features hear are intended to enable the PLAYER to better RP the PC. Systems key off of race, class, level, skills, feats and other factors. Scripted systems here allow a PC to: climb, jump, swim, fly, swing (on vines/ropes), slip thru portcullis/grates (if tiny), carry other PC, hide in objects (if sufficent size difference), climb trees, find/use hidden trails, track, scavenge, hunt, fish, gather seasonal fruit, travel on ships, float with currents on a log, experience deluxe camping/resting features, feel the weather, smell smoke, and even craft a history (one the server itself understands and uses). The server supports window use, full crafting with resource gathering, and numerous secret systems you will have to discover on your own.

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