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General Discription[edit | edit source]

Describe how you character looks, acts- similar to a bio in game. You can add OOC info here (Info that other characters in game are unlikely to know- eg, a tattoo normally hidden, a secret character trait)

Backstory[edit | edit source]

If you want to add a character back story, do so here. Note, that people wouldn't really know this IC, so perhaps you should keep this to yourself, and only reveal it IG.

In Character Facts[edit | edit source]


  • What Events your character has been apart of.
  • What Guilds you Character is apart of.
  • What Status (Eg, guild master, prince, so on- explain your titles here)
  • Other facts: Things that are pretty obvious IG, that you can confirm, clarify or declare here.

Known Relationships[edit | edit source]

What's your char's social status? Who are they seen with by the public? Are they people of good standing in the city courts, or have they been seen associating with riffraff? Have they been married or are married?

Family[edit | edit source]

Does your character have any family members? Even ones that are unimportant? Even if unimportant ones, like a common family living off the land in Humfoodale, or across the seas, could be used by a DM to tailor an event around you. Are there any relationships of note? Such as a good relationship with a brother, but your sister tried to kill you? Maybe the father is unknown by the character, but the player knows the name?

Suspected Facts/ Rumours[edit | edit source]

First, maybe state whether this character should be well known at all: Maybe they're famous, and have tales told about them. Maybe they're currently new to the land and no one knows their name. Maybe they're mired in mystery and manipulate from the shadows, and no one even knows if they exist or not. Maybe they deliberatly show one face to the public, keeping their true selves secret. Here, write what you think other people (PC and NPC) think about your character- be it true or false. Maybe also clafiy here if:

(The Player of this Character is comfortable with other players adding rumours to this section/ The Player of this Character is not comfortable with other players editting this section)

Delete the one you don't agree with- this way other players know if they can or can't add rumours about your player.

As some example of rumours maybe:

  • Suspected Origins
  • Relationships that people can't proove but suspect
  • General rumours bad or good, such as 'He eats babies'/ 'She gives platinum pieces to beggars'

Forum Posts[edit | edit source]

You can link to forum posts about your char here, which may include IC posts, which offer more depth than what your willing to type up again here.

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