Race: Moonelf/Slyvan
Gender: Female
Alignment: CN
Religion: Rhenallathan
Classes: Cleric

Titles: Lady Charia of Feyview of the Court of Dorhal

Hero of the Light

Priestess of  Rhenallathan

Status: Semi-Retired
Player: Animayhem

At first glance one might take her for a demon or tiefling. She is in fact part moonelf and part Sylvan. With her exotic looks she has drawn both positive and negative attention.  She has silvery white hair and pale blue skin, features she got from her Elven mother Thurisotel. Originally the only features she got from her satyr father Avengue , were her blue horns. She now has satyr legs covered with white hair, a price she paid for sealing an ancient evil. She will sometimes wear clothes to show them off or to hide them. The only feature she can not hide, are her hooves which appear different colors at times as she uses colored nail polish formulated for her. Her armor was a gift from the celestials as a reward for her sacrafice.

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Backstory[edit | edit source]

Born in Feyview, she was not raised in either her mother's village or by the fey or Slyvan. Instead she was raised by the high priestess of the Temple of Rhenallathan and thus reflected the priestess' views on life. However once she stepped out in the world an inner turmoil long submerged surface. The main cataysts were when she met the half -shadow dragon named Ne'sekoleth and dealing with the entities known as the Darkness and the Void.

Most recently she was made a noble in the Court of Dorhal for her part in the sealing of the Void.

She is struggling to find out who the real Charia is.

In Character Facts[edit | edit source]

The Lycan Treaty


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Known Relationships[edit | edit source]

1.Tsully was one of the people Charia first met and they became freinds quickly. She was honored as Tsully had very few friends, He was also a gifted crafter.  During one soujourn into the abandoned underground city to where the void was banished Tsully valianlty sacraficed himself to save Charia and the others with her and weakend the void even more.  Tsully


3.Aria and Charia have had a decent relationship though at times strained with the Voids influence on both their lives.  She assisted in the birth of Aria's children who were born in Feyview at Rhenallthan's Temple.

4. Valerion  and Charia tolerate each other.  Charia will only speak to him if necessary.

Family[edit | edit source]

Mother: Thurisotel  Moonelf  Paladin of Rhenallathan

Left Charia when she was three  months old on a crusade into the Shadow Plane,  Was trapped for thirty years until rescued by her daughter Charia

Father: Avengue -Satyr

Charia met him briefly. He said that even if they do not stay around, they still care for their children, He offered her to come and live the Slyvan life.

Thurisotel and Avengue parents of Charia


Suspected Facts/ Rumours[edit | edit source]

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After she and Ne'sekoleth broke up, Charia has been focusing more on her Priestess duties as well as he duties a Feyland Council Elder and as a Lady of the Dorhal court has left her little time for any personal relationships.

Although she banished the Void at a great cost to herself, she was not totally free.

A weakened version of the Void still lingered in the Tivook caves and part of its essense in Aria. For awhile it seemed it would return to being the menace it once was however as Aria fought for control its power now is almost nil as Aria herself has vanished from the Tivook area.

For awhile after her promotion to a Titled Woman of the realm she was seen around the Dorhal court trying to fulfill the duties thrust upon her. However the strain of being a Lady of Dorhal ,a priestess and Fey Council member, rumor has it that Charia returned to Rhenallathan's Temple and the Feylands. Some say she is the new high priestess other say she is now the supreme elder of the Feyview Council and has permanently settled in the Feylands.

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