"The Cholla"

Allies: City of Dohral

Rivals: Shak Tolun , Curst Vampyre

In Character Information[edit | edit source]

This huge conclave of wizards spans much of the world. In many, more developed, areas of the world, the Cholla (pronounced like the ch in 'chaos') have established strongholds, bases and even learning institutes. The Cholla remains a mysterious and powerful group, and as such is not uniformly welcomed nor liked everywhere in the world. Still, many at least feign indifference with regard to the Cholla rather than risk earning the their enmity. Where the Cholla have established themselves they exert strong influence. It should be noted that the Cholla are very anti-piracy, and anti-thievery (any bard of the land can tell you the tale of the Cholla Guildmaster's Lost Alembic - and the (then) Cholla Guildmaster was quite convinced that it had gone lost due to the influence of thieves and pirates. Thereafter he swore burn or sink either he ever found, and pledged the Cholla's resources to the effort. This has become tradition, as to this day, a wizard of the Cholla who has rare goods conveyed to him is most displeased to find such to go missing en-route.

Cholla is an ancient word in the old Legardian tongue. It means 'the weavers' and refers to their magical prowess. The Cholla are a guild of wizards, over two centuries old now, that were established in the city of Aceria. They are often contracted to watch over shipping interests, such as the Acerian Trade-way. A vast network of trade routes loosely controlled by the wizards of the Cholla and their Grand Council from the city of Aceria. Myriad smaller trade routes all considered together comprise the Acerian Trade-way, commanded and overseen by the Grand Council from the city of Aceria. An amazingly vast thing, almost incomprehensibly large; it sprawls from well, you can name nearly anyplace and anyplace else and it spans them - the reach of the Cholla is such! Aceria is the capitol of the Acerian Trade-way and the principality in which the city is found. Aceria is a city of note along the coasts far to the northeast of Argentum Regio. The wizards of the Cholla are also making some interesting magical rings these days, Cholla have among their number's certain experts in the field of portals. The wizard Betters is said to have a collection of portal names of particular note, as well among the wizards of the Cholla, are found the best tomes and scrolls of ancient lore regarding ring manufacture.

Cholla has the tendency to expand it's influence far beyond that of many other guilds, cities, and realms. As every member of The Cholla are wizards, few sorcerers. And all adhere to a strict discipline and structure that keeps the order secure and functional. Much like the infamous Shalk Tolun, The Cholla are not only information seekers, but they are watchers, having many means and forms of keeping in contact quickly. From reports Chollas involvement in Argentum Regio is strictly between them and the Lord of Dohral. But one thing is for certain, for one to witness their presence, is either in big trouble, or a potential ally, as they rarely wish to act openly unless they feel forced to do so - or have good reason.  The Grand Council is a formation of some of the most powerful wizards in the world - within The Chollas order. It consists of 12 Arch-Mages, the highest ranking position available in the order, who over-see their vast network of trade-ways, and diplomatic means. Advancing in the order, is based on hard-work and dedication - as one must study a great deal to pass their many tests to be considered worthy to advance further. While the order isn't as stern as it once was, members are expected to be direct representatives of the order itself, and are expected to act as such accordingly.  While the order itself is very vast, they aren't heavily involved everywhere and as such only keep small "guilds" in far reach cities, such as Argentum Regio. With one or several guilds being in command by a single Arch-Mage, although they aren't directly involved - they pass their authority of the duties to the Master-mage(s).

Events Involved In[edit | edit source]

(This group has not been seen overtly influencing any events- but they tend to manipulate things from the shadows, so it's hard to say.)

Members List[edit | edit source]

  • Guildmaster Arch-Mage
  • Master Wizard
  • Magician
  • Journeyman
  • Apprentice
  • Associate.

Out of Character Information[edit | edit source]

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