This server is loaded with custom stuff. We will try to make some useful list of it all below. This page will be a work in progress for some time to come as the list is extensive. Please pardon our construction dust.

Custom Spells[edit | edit source]

For more Information see: Custom Spells

Argentum Regio has over a hundred scripted Custom spells for Spellcasters. For the most part these are divided into:

  • 'Arcane' spells (For Bards , Sorcerers and Wizards) which are stored in the PC's 'Spell Book'
  • 'Nature' spells, for druids and rangers, which appears in the PC's 'Nature Magic' Book.
  • 'Divine' spells, for Clerics (and some paladins(?)), which appear in the PC's prayer book
  • Other miscellaneous spells.

These spells use a unique method of learning, memorising and utilising depending on spell class and type. Argentum Regio also has it scripted that standard NwN spells can interact with the world in unique ways.

This brings spell casters closer to their PnP counter parts, and allows for more roleplay opportunities.

Standard NwN had to focus on what spells would be useful for game play, which was mostly battle orientated. Argentum Regio has added back in the spells familair in PnP settings, such as 'Clean' and 'Mend' and even 'Create food'. There's even some unique spells floating around, specific to Argentum Regio.

Custom Feats[edit | edit source]


Custom Skills[edit | edit source]


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