Higher Education in Dohral[edit | edit source]

The College of Dohral is comprised of one building in the city of Dohral, and an undisclosed number of structures in one or more non-dimensional spaces created for the purpose and accessed from within the college building itself.

The purpose of the college is to provide instruction to generations of crafters; in the primary four magic-oriented crafts: Herbology, Enchanting, Woodworking and Metalurgy. Any PC desiring it can attend classes at the college and if the student successfully applies themselves, they can achieve both a Crafting License from the City of Dohral as well as their own Crafting Stamp.

It is rumored that there are occasionally Senior Level classes offered by the college to select students.

To avail your PC of the classes offered in the College of Dohral, first seek out and speak to the College Registrar to register for class (all others are teleported out of the classrooms).

There are FOUR levels of class offered in each of the courses : ENCHANTING, HERBOLOGY, METALURGY AND WOODWORKING.

Introductory classes are described below.

Herbology[edit | edit source]

The Professor demonstrates the brewing of potions from herbs.

The FEAT "Brew Potion" comes in handy though it is not essential to this type of crafting. In performing the craft, one basically mixes various ingredients, mostly herbal (hence the name) and cook them down over a campfire. Done correctly the yield is magical potions or other useful items (such as Smoke Bombs). There are instances where mis-mixing results in less-than-optimal results and the imbiber is warned to be sure your Herbologist of choice is well grounded in their craft.

Enchanting[edit | edit source]

A lecture in the Enchanting Lab of the College of Dohral.

Enchanting is the craft whereby PCs can imbue items with magical powers. The FEAT "Craft Wand" is useful but not required. Various ingredients are combined on an Enchanting Table to achieve the desired results. Mis-adventures in enchanting can be spectacularly dangerous, and only the brave and well-trained engage in these actions with regularity. Ingredients can be rare and costly, and as failures consume the ingredients, most opt to have competent, experienced crafters do the Enchanting. Still, there is nothing stopping YOUR next PC from becoming one of the Enchanting adepts, or even a Legendary Enchanter.

Woodworking[edit | edit source]

The woodworking lab in the College of Dohral.

The magical qualities of plants are not limited to berries and leaves to imbibe or brew, but the wood of some trees can be caused to hold magic itself. Woodworking in this case is the art of bringing about the proper joining of magic and woodcraft. Magical shields, spears and more are created using these processes, and a good woodworker can be much in demand by local lords seeking to outfit troops.

Smithing[edit | edit source]

The Professor prepares to lecture on metalurgy.

Metalworking in Dohral goes beyond the mundane combining of metalic elements, and delves even into the welding of magic to metals. The crafting of great armors, weapons and other devices require these skills. An experienced smith can command high fees from local lords seeking to outfit military forces. The resources required for this craft are hard to find, hard to harvest and heavy making transport difficult. Still, the results of putting the right resources in the hands of a Master Smith are well worth the effort and expense.

Famous Graduates[edit | edit source]




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