The epic dwarven defender has become the very definition of immovable object. He is a stalwart warrior that can stand against virtually any foe imaginable. The defender is a sponsored champion of a dwarven cause, a dwarven aristocrat, a dwarven deity or the dwarven way of life. As the name might imply, this character is a skilled combatant trained in the arts of defense. A line of dwarven defenders is a far better defense than a 10-foot-thick wall of stone and much more dangerous.

To qualify as a dwarven defender, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria:

Race: Dwarf Base Attack Bonus: +7 Feats: Dodge, Toughness Alignment: Any lawful

Class Features[edit | edit source]

Hit Die: d12

Proficiencies: Simple and martial weapons, light, medium and heavy armor, shields

Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier

Bonus Feats: The epic dwarven defender gains a bonus feat every four levels.

Epic Dwarven Defender Bonus Feats: Armor Skin, Damage Reduction, Devastating Critical, Energy Resistance, Epic Toughness, Epic Prowess, Epic Weapon Focus, Overwhelming Critical, Perfect Health.

Class Abilities[edit | edit source]

Defensive Stance (Level 1): Gain +4 strength and constitution, +2 on all saving throws and +4 dodge bonus on AC. This can be used once per day and gains an additional use every 2 levels

Defensive Awareness (Level 1): Retain your dexterity bonus to AC even when flat-footed. At level 6 you can no longer be flanked and at level 10 you gain a +1 saving throw bonus vs. traps

Damage Reduction (Level 6): 3 points of damage are ignored whenever you are hit in combat. At level 10 you are able to shrug off 6 points of damage

Defensive Stance: an additional use per day is gained for every two levels past 9th.

Damage Reduction: The damage reduction increases by 3 points for every four levels above 10th.

Custom Features[edit | edit source]

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RP Tips and In Game[edit | edit source]

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