Dwarves are known for their skill in battle, proclivity for warfare, for their ability to withstand physical punishment and resist hostile magic, their hard work, and their capacity for drinking alcohol (ale being a favorite). Dwarves are slow to jest and suspicious of strangers, but they are generous to those who earn their trust. They stand roughly 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall, but are broad and compactly built, almost as wide as they are tall. Dwarven skin varies from deep tan to light brown, and their hair is black, gray, or brown. Dwarven men value their beards highly.

  • Dwarven Ability Adjustments: +2 Con, -2 Cha
  • Favored Class (Fighter): A multiclass dwarf’s fighter class does not count when determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.
  • Special Abilities: Stonecunning, Darkvision, Hardiness vs.
  • Poisons, Hardiness vs. Spells, Offensive Training vs. Orcs, Offensive Training vs. Goblinoids, Defensive Training vs. Giants, Skill Affinity (Lore).

Argentum Regio Dwarf Lore[edit | edit source]

Secretive to a fault, these short, stout folk are known to dwell throughout the Argentum Regio, specifically there are numerous clans established in most inland areas of the Howling Mountains . Those entering this game may opt to be from the area or from a far-flung clan (as dwarven nations are known to exist elsewhere in the world, mostly in the extreme north and east of the (core-module) continent, but also beyond. Important Dwarven kingdoms in the Argentum Regio, are more clan territories and holdings of substantial size, among these are Mhog Valdoon, Khel Olhaggal, Khel Sidurgg, Zhig Malud, Khel Abamurgg, Khel Rhunnon, Zhig Ivelurgg, Khel Zhadurgg. There are literally hundreds  of lesser clans (nations to themselves), among the mountains north of the Sea of Soroshal. PC's are at this time free to make up their own Dwarven clan name or choose from those given above and encouraged to use this name in their online writings both in-game and out. 

Mountainfast Dazzlehall is the name of the Dwarven 'kingdom' that Dohral plays client to.

The Nine Ruling Clans[edit | edit source]

Dwarven clans active at the Eastern Citadel are five in number, though in the stronghold beneath the mountains east and north of the Eastern Citadel are numbered nine. All dwarven clans engage in basic domestic manufacturing of cloth (woven rothe wool), and other essential domestic goods, though they do prefer to trade for quality items in these same forms when able to do so. There are many other clans with small contingents in both this and other regions – lesser clans who lack extensive holdings such as the Alechugger clan (Aznazikkah), or the Tumblethumper clan (K'lponaklrhah) among others.

While what is described below is specific to the dwarves of Mountainfast Dazzlehall - there are many other dwarven cities and settlements; locations where more than one dwarven clan has settled engaging in mutually beneficial activities. The dwarves of Mountainfast Dazzlehall present an average settlement, there being larger and smaller, but this size being typical; nine clans with requisite space for all.

Fellaxe (Waannazqa)[edit | edit source]

Craftsman and warriors, specialists with the axe. This is an offensive arm of the Mountainfast Dazzlehall region. Members of this clan are known to engage in the several trades from hafting, to axe forging, and also candlemaking, rivit-making, and leather crafts. The Fellaxes maintain they began this tradition of candlemaking in the wake of an epic battle where they had slain large numbers of giants – the skulls of which were split to harvest the dense ear-wax under order of the dwarfclan's Runemaster, and this is now traditionally a component of their craft. So much this is the case that young members of the clan who have slain their first giant are said to have 'earned their candles'.

Grimhammer (Khal'azllah)[edit | edit source]

The Grimhammer clan is the pride of the Mountainfast Dazzlehall and known far among dwarven clans as crafters of the finest hammers. As so much dwarven goods are made at the forge, a quality hammer as a cherished tool, and a symbol of strength, competence and skill among dwarven communities. In addition to hammer manufacture, this clan engages in foundry and forgework in general.

Strongshield (Thkhurrkth'aant)[edit | edit source]

Known as the finest defenders in the underlands, this clan provides many of the members of the Dazzlehall Defenders, a unit of Dwarven Defenders who protect the Lord of Dazzlehall. Strongshield clan are also leatherworkers, woodworkers, and makers of quality barrels.

Gnarlfist (Krazhnwaathk)[edit | edit source]

Maintaining the monasteries of Mountainfast Dazzlehall , these are a loyal and reserved lot with diverse skills.

Tallhelm (Kaznn'anl)[edit | edit source]

The armorer clan of Mountainfast Dazzlehall their finest work are traded only among the Mountainfast Dazzlehall clans, or with far dwarven clans. The Tallhelm clan have many revered secrets involved in their crafting, and have developed a style of helm which gives the wearer use of Tenser's Transformation, Bull's Strength, and Barkskin, this they have named Tallhelm's Equalizer, and are among the most prized of the clan's creations.

Deepdraft (Taarhthazwak)[edit | edit source]

Widely known as fine brewers, these note-worthies of Mountainfast Dazzlehall are among the chief exporters of that economy. Since the founding of Dohral, this clan has prospered by constant availability of grain supplies, and the addition of a new ingredient hops (previously an alternative fungus was used in place of hops). While the status of a mere hill dwarf clan is never great among dwarves, the regard of this clans' ale is such that they are very well regarded (for hill dwarves). This clan had the original holdings near what is the Eastern Citadel today, and are the clan most represented there.

Dazzlehall (Tazjjna'aznn)[edit | edit source]

Ruling clan of Mountainfast Dazzlehall they grow wealthy and their renown among their various dwarven kin swells with each day. Traditions in this clan are given great reverence, and by tradition, this clan rules the West Swardelve. Lord of Dazzlehall is the title of their chief member, and his is a rich post, growing richer by the day.

Ashcloak (Azth'zinurazg)[edit | edit source]

A secretive clan, so much so they are but legend in the minds of many, the Ashcloak clan yet lurks, just beyond the light. This clan is self-sufficient, secretive to the point that most dwarves do not believe the clan exists, a sort of 'bogey man clan' in stories to frighten young dwarven children, but they do exist. Assassins and even darker professions are practiced by this furtive group, nominally loyal to the Dazzlehalls.

Delvemender (Tangalartah)[edit | edit source]

A clan of crafter/builders of grand tradition, serving Mountainfast Dazzlehall loyally for centuries, previously, they were a traveling clan, but have settled here among the Dazzlehall holdings just over a millennium past.

Subraces[edit | edit source]

To get a subrace template, type in the subrace you want in the subrace box when creating a character (Eg. Wood Elf) It is not case sensitive and does not require underscores.

Note that the information presented on subraces is more for standard DnD subraces- in the realm of Argentum Regio, one might find that these dwarves may be slightly different, as they have an entirely different history to have shaped them.

Shield Dwarf (Mountain Dwarf)[edit | edit source]

  • -2 CHA
  • Favored Class: FIGHTER 

Shield dwarves are the most common of dwarves. likely, when someone is speaking of a dwarf, it will be a shield dwarf.

Shield dwarves average about 4 1/2 feet tall, have fair or lightly tanned skin, green to silvery blue eyes and light brown- red hair. Both genders wear their hair long, and males (and a few females) have long well-groomed beards. Stubborn and loath to break their word, these dwarves are not one to abandon something- whether it's a quest, homeland or grudge. They have a poor reputation for being dour and cynical. But they are also known for their skill, with a love for taking raw material and lovingly crafting it into something new and beautiful- from armor to fine jewelry. While many of these dwarves adhere to tradition, most dwarves you see wandering far from their homeland (typically PC dwarves) are hoping to find ways of working with the world that changes at a faster pace to dwavern culture. Or, perhaps they are simply on the search for lost treasure or business prospects.

Blood and clan is important to Shield Dwarves, but it's increasingly more the case that merit is placed on individual accomplishments and not one's heritage. Shield dwarven families are tight nit, and dwarven children are expected to be educated, apprenticed and bring honor and riches to their families. Elders are venerated for their wisdom and achievements, although they play less a role in the dictation of society now days, and are expected to have solemn funerals befitting their status.

They don't dislike magic, but arcane spellcasters are rare. Often it is Divine spellcasters that gain status in shield dwarven society, especially those skilled in offensive combat.

They view gold dwarves as being somewhat arrogant, the same going for most elves, but they can put aside their differences for a common goal. Lightfoot Halflings are often viewed as unreliable and half-orcs are little better than the despised orcs. Humans and gnomes are fair company. When it comes to animals Shield dwarves are actually rather fond of bats and lizards, and sturdy ponies are valued mounts.

Gold Dwarf (Hill Dwarf)[edit | edit source]

  • +2 CON
  • -2 DEX
  • Favored Class: FIGHTER 

Averaging about 4 feet tall, Gold dwarves are stocky and muscular, with light brown to deeply tanned skin, brown-hazel eyes and dark balck- grey hair. Both genders were their hair long, and males (and some females) keep long, well groomed beards.

Gold dwarves take pride in their blood and their own accomplishments, making sure that if something is worth the time to do, you make sure you do it well. They are renowned for their grand and beautiful craftmenship. They also see their own crafts, traditions and culture as superior to other races, including other dwarven races, but paradoxically fear their cultures decline and seek to defend and uphold it with great fervency. They measure others by their blood, wealth and honor, and who has more of these than a gold dwarf?

Even more stubborn in their adherence to tradition than the Shield Dwarves, Gold dwarves believe it is their way of life which has led to them being more successful than others, and so hold their traditions in the greatest esteem. However this also restricts a dwarf to the role they were born into, as rejecting this role or not acting within it's customs is seen as a rejection of tradition and dishonorable. Families work much the same as shield dwarven families, with children being educated, apprenticed and expected to bring honor and wealth to their families. However, due to Gold dwarves placing more importance on tradition and blood-lines, the elders of the clan hold the most power, dictating and ruling over their own clans and the clans in general. They value both Divine and traditional arcane offensive magics, but also enjoy magics that improve the quality and security of life.

Gold dwarves are not often found away from their kin, but may wander in hopes of gaining wealth or honor in unexplored opportunities. Some may even find that the release from the pressure of their kin is so relieving and thrilling that they become addicted to adventuring.

Gold dwarves don't look well upon elves, perhaps because considering them a kind of rival. Strongheart halflings and gnomes are regarded well as good, forthright trading partners. Humans are distrusted due to their ever shifting cultures and civilizations and half-orcs are rarely differentiated from true orc scum.

Grey Dwarf (or Duergar)[edit | edit source]

  • +2 CON
  • -4 CHA
  • Favored Class: FIGHTER 

Duergar may appear somewhat similar to other dwarves and hold the same renown for skilled craftsmanship, but the similarities don't go deep. Grim and bitter, these underdark dwelling dwarves feel little fondness for their cousins or other races, feeling that they have been denied much- most of which they feel was rightfully theirs in the first place.

Averaging 4 feet tall, Duergar are broad shouldered but wiry, with corded muscles. Grey skilled and black eyed, they're typically bald, with females sometimes growing short, wispy, grey hair and males growing long grey beards.

To a grey dwarf, life is toil. drudging through their days, perfecting their craft out of obsession not pleasure, they find only pleasure in others suffering more than they- with sarcastic, biting jokes, petty torments and the mockery of the less fortunate. Family is nothing more than the dwarves that dragged you into this life and taught you the bitter truth. Clan is nothing, and why should you honor the ancestors that have already lived and died meaninglessly? You don't have friends, you have allies that you barely trust will want you to continue surviving, if only in hopes that you benefit them as they do you- for now.

Those with divine magic or skill with wizardry and enchanting are respected. Magic is only useful if it aids in battle- allowing for the duergar to at least defeat those who get in their way.

They often despise all other races, perhaps their cousins more than others due to spite and envy, but aren't stupid enough to pass over an opportunity for wealth because of this- if they did, there would be almost no trade done and gain won.

It's very rare to see a duergar away from their kin- those who have wandered are often fleeing the underdark for one reason or another, and while they're on the surface they may as well take every opportunity they can to gain wealth.

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