For the Fey faction, and more information about how the fey interact with the realm of Argentum Regio, please see Fey (Faction)

This is the list of current fey species found around the land- there are far more species than this. Fey don't originate from this plane, but rather a closely connected one- leading to the idea that elves (and the lesser known gnomes) are not from this plane. They are not outsiders, despite this, for the fey realm seems to be more of an echo of the material realm- part of, yet separated from. It is uncertain if this is the same plane as the feywild , shared by other 'parallel' planes such as Faerun, or if the Fey realm is to Feywilds as the server's plane is to Faerun (An almost identicle, yet seperate realm).

In such a way, many beings from the fey realm seem similar- such as the 'fairy dog' the cooshee.

Hags are also considered fey, but monstrous. Fairie dragons can be considered to be classified as fey or draconic. In fact 'Fey' seems to apply to any creature to originate from the fey realm- and considering that creatures that originate from the material realm are grouped into many various classifications, the use of planar origins to classify will inevitably group many different types of beings together.


Dryad are tree spirits with the forms of beautiful human or elven women made out of smooth, brown-green wood, and with grass and leaves for hair. They can step into and out of trees, and can perform localized teleportation by entering one tree and then magically appearing out of another nearby one. Rumours suggest that dryads were once nymphs, that stepped aside from the frivolities of their sisters and saw the forests grow smaller, and gave up their immortality and care-free ways, to become guardians of the trees.

Dryads rarely leave their trees, and prefer to remain in the Fey Lands.


The grig is a mischievous and fun-loving sprite resembling cricket-centaurs, and are smaller than the Pixie and the semi-aquatic Nixie. Grigs stand about 1½ feet tall and weigh about 1 pound, typical for a fey. Grigs have no fear of larger creatures and delight in playing tricks. Grigs commonly carry with them fiddles, and they can play tunes on these that cause those that hear them to dance uncontrollably. Grigs tend to get too carried away with their pranks, and sometimes a little too cruel. Adventurers often accidentally kill an overly bold grig, while trying to shoo the little annoyance away.

Rumours mention there might be a party of grigs somewhere in Tivook.


Nixies resemble somewhat attractive humanoids with green skin and hair and webbed appendages. Nixies are goodly and peaceful creatures, but are shy, reclusive and suspicious. Nixies desire friendship, and have the ability to charm others to become their friend. Nixies love music, and make instruments from reeds on the banks of streams. Nixie's rarely leave the peace and saftey of the pocket fey plane connected to the land of Argentum Regio.


Nymphs are beautiful elven like women, who can often be found along coasts and the sea. Nymphs pride themselves upon beauty, and despise all things ugly and evil. That doesn't necessarily mean that nymphs are all kind and good themselves- their rather chaotic nature leads them to playing 'light hearted' pranks on people, who often find themselves confused and dazed- and often far from home.

Nymphs are rare to find, but sometimes they can help people far from home return home.


Like tiny elves with gossamer wings and gaudy clothes, pixies look like free-spirited, fun loving beings. While certainly true, like many other fey, their idea of fun can come at the cost of other people. You may find yourself being assailed by invisible hands- pinching, tugging and stealing away with your belongings. Of course, it all 'only a game'.


Quiclings are one of the few 'evil' fey- certainly crueler than their cousins. Rumours about them suggest they were once brownies or pixies turned evil- either by strange forces in the land or by a more powerful being. They certainly seem to resemble pixies- flitting about at incredible speeds, ripping and tearing at people- preferably in large numbers. People who have fallen in from other realms that are familiar with the quicklings there may seem confused by the quicklings in this realms ability to fly. Quicklings are not widely spread through out the lands- they prefer to keep to their own territories, deep in the Kragfell wilds- away from the big people who spoil their fun.


A male only race of fey, Satyrs appears almost like horned half elven from the waist up, and goat legged from the waist down. A 'true' satyr, is one born to a satyr and nymph (Satyr's only being male, and nymphs only being female, the race of the child depends upon it's gender), although their are rumours that male children born of any satyr-fey union will be satyrs. They mature even faster than humans in their youth, especially mentally- an enfant satyr reaches adulthood somewhat sooner than a human would, but is capable of complex activities and speech. once they arrive at adulthood, their aging slows, and they live to the age of 200 or more. The young adults are typically the ones seen by other races- the adventurous, hedonistic, although slightly skittish youths typically run around spreading tales, song and 'wild oats'. The older generation of satyrs are a far cry from their younger years, being more serious and mysterious.

For more information, see the free online PDF excerpt from 'Heroes of the Feywild' on satyrs, provided by wizard.


Plural: Shastrasha. Siren like beings who lure sailors to sail into the rocks and their doom. These fey are particular to this realm, and seem to be unheard of to people who plane travel from places like Faerun. They can be found in Urzhnark Thrh'h, the southern wilds,

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