These are the three types of halflings found in Arg-reg, left to right: Lightfoot, Strongheart, Native

Halflings are clever, capable, and resourceful survivors. They are notoriously curious, and show a daring that many larger people can’t match. They can be lured by wealth, but tend to spend rather than hoard. Halflings have ruddy skin, hair that is black and straight, and brown or black eyes. Halfling men often grow long sideburns, but rarely beards or mustaches. They prefer practical clothing, and would rather wear a comfortable shirt than jewelry. Halflings stand about 3 feet tall, and commonly live to see 150.

  • Halfling Ability Adjustments: +2 Dex, -2 Str
  • Favored Class (Rogue): A multiclass halfling’s rogue class does not count when determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.
  • Special Abilities: Small Stature, Skill Affinity (Move Silently), Skill Affinity (Listen), Lucky, Fearless, and Good Aim.

Halflings are rare in this part of the world. For some, their homeland is a lush grassland, in a temperate place far from the city of Dohral. Others come from homogenous communities nowhere near Dohral. They hale from a land, an island in fact, far to the east of Dohral. Though most remain happy at home, there are a few brave halflings who leave their safe abodes in search of adventure. A halfling PC is one such bold adventurer and should be given a background covering what inspired the PC to travel abroad, how long the PC has been away, and how does this halfling take his tea.

In Argentu Regio, halfling often refers to the native race, while Hin refers to other subraces.

(There are no change in stats for Halfling subraces, and the subraces are for RP purposes only.)

Argentum Regio Halflings[edit | edit source]

It's quite possible that halflings native to this plane could be lightfoot or strongheart, but appear to be another sort altogether. Argentum regio halflings are 2e halflings and are closer to the 'hobbit' halflings from Tolkein's work. Argentum regio halflings don't appear to develop wander lust as much as their more faerunian cousins. Perhaps being closer to stronghearts than lightfoots.

They're happier to stay in their quiet, established communities, especially those from the eastern isles. Occasionally the craving for adventure, or necessary business, may lead them to Dohral's shores, but even here, they're reserved than other halflings, happy to enjoy their journey, but at the pace they want.

These will be the halflings that come to mind when you ask a native of Argentum Regio about halflings.

They're short folk, round of face and often round of tummy and appear to have thicker skin than their hin cousins, for they often don't wear foot wear and instead have thick, curly hair to keep their feet warm. They tend to be somewhat paler than lightfoots, but can still very in shades of brown, and have the typical hin colour hair of dark browns. They like bright, respectable clothing, and enjoy the comforts of life. If they ever have a desire for wealth, it's only so they can make life more comfortable.

In fact, unlike their more nomadic hin cousins, the lightfoots and the stronghearts, Argentum halflings (As called here to differentiate from other halflings, although they are only known as 'halflings' in Arg-reg) enjoy the comforts of home so much, wander lust almost never ensnares them. They're not a reclusive bunch- they will quite happily engage in conversation with people they find friendly enough, but as they prefer to stay within their own territories, other races don't encounter them much. Gnomes seem oddly fond of these halflings in particular, while the other races tend to see Argentum Halflings as a rather soft and boring lot, and may favour their more out-going hin cousins.

Ghostwise[edit | edit source]

The Ghostwise halfling subrace is not listed here, as their race is very much history dependent on the events in Faerun, while the other Hin races depend more upon climate. If you really wish to play a ghostwise halfling, keep in mind that they will not be native to this plane, but must come from Faerun. As they were already a rare race to begin with, getting permission to play this unusual hin will be difficult.

Lightfoot[edit | edit source]

Being the most wide spread and numerous of the hin, Lightfoots are the most well known race of hafling. However, if you were to ask what one group of people think of lightfoots in one region, and then ask in other region the same question, you could get very varied responses. Lightfoot Halflings don't have a universal stereotype like some races do, much like humans in that respect. What appear to be the central traits of this race are adaptability and the urge to travel. Many lightfoot halflings will have picked up many cultural mannerisms from their journeys, so you could met two lightfoot in the same city and see two entirely different mannerisms and behaviour from the same race.

They reach adulthood at 20, and typically reach 150 years. Lightfoot are darked eyed with pale, slightly ruddy (Pinkish, reddish or bronze) skin and hair all shades of brown. Lightfoot men typically have sideburns, that they style as the please, but find it difficult to grow a beard and almost impossible to grow a mustache. Females prefer their hair short and manageable. Lightfoot halflings wear what ever colour best suits their needs, be it bright and gaudy colours or more subtle darker colours, but almost always do they go for comfort over wealth. It's a bit difficult traveling around other wise.

Due to many of them being nomadic, it's hard to find a typical lifestyle, community, belief system or culture for lightfoot halflings. This may be a testament to how quickly and well they adapt to the climate they're living in.

It is true that the favoured class of a Lightfoot is a ROGUE, simply as it's skill set are the ones that these hins are most likely to use, although some become bards as well.

Strongheart[edit | edit source]

Strong hearts are a bit more militant and structured than their lightfoot cousins, tending to stay in an area as an established group, before moving the whole community to a new region. Striking a balance between sedentary life and nomad-ism has led to stronghearts being very good at cooperating with each other and the locals, making them an amiable lot.

As such, it's rarer to see stronghearts in Argentum Regio (after all, it's a little difficult to move an entire clan across the sea, and it's easier just to move by foot to the neighbouring region), but an individual may yet give in to wander lust and venture away from their clan.

Compared to lightfoot halflings, stronghearts have a more set cultural, so many wandering stronghearts will share similar traits and mannerisms, such as being a little more righteous and amiable than some lightfoots.

Their skin tends towards more tanned/ light golden colour compared to lightfoots, and they're more likely to wear armour or more plain and practicle clothing.

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