"Highguard of Dohral"

Leader: Ergo Fenderson

Player: Ragdoll_Knight
No. PCs:  3
Status: (PC inactive- NPC active)
Restricitons: Human



"Loyal to the Lord of Dohral, the are brave defenders of the realm. "

In Character Information[edit | edit source]

Primarily a group of paladins, organized by most renowned and historically recorded of Bennin oz Dohral's numerous henchmen. This guild serves their god (Finshi) by guarding both the temple to their god in the city of Dohral and the city itself. Officially this group answers to the High Priest of the temple to Finshi in Dohral, but the commander of the Highguard of Dohral assigns officers to attend the Lord of the City and convey his just orders back to the guild leader. They have a building in Mid Chonda .

  • Only Paladins can reach the upper ranks. Other classes are restricted to the lowest rank (Guard).
  • You must be human. (The rare exception may be made).
  • You must be at least level 4 to join

Events Involved In[edit | edit source]

Any events the guild has been a part of- or has had many members involved in.

Members List[edit | edit source]

If the guild is comfortable with letting know who is part of it, feel free to add them here. If some members wish to remain anonymous, you could list them down as 'Undisclosed'. Eg

  1. Leader Guy
  2. Other Important Guy (Rank and Title)
  3. This Guy (Rank and Title)
  4. This Dude (Rank)
  5. Undisclosed (oooooh, secret!)

Out of Character Information[edit | edit source]

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