Humfoodale gets less attention then Tivook from adventurers, despite it having a bountiful supply of unexplored wilderness and unsual monsters. It's often at the centre of slave trafficking or strange monster behaviour:

Background[edit | edit source]

Humfoo was a leader and of a long tradition of wilderness trackers whose entire village were taken by slavers. From there they were hauled to the coast - forced aboard slave ships which were sometime later attacked by pirates who spared those who would join the pirates' ranks. After serving aboard the pirate vessel for some months, Humfoo - no expert on a shipdeck was swept overboard in a fierce storm, but caught hold of some flotsam and was eventually hauled aboard ship by none other than (Captain) Bennin oz Dohral.

With aid of magic, Dohral and Humfoo were subseqently able to dialog on the nature of Humfoo's past and his lasting desire to return to his homeland. Dohral offered Humfoo a position among his shipboard defenders - and, if only to permit Humfoo some time to seek word of his homeland among other ports and travelers, he agreed.

Yet years of seeking and even with the aid of magic, never did Humfoo find any clue of his homeland and people. In time Humfoo accepted Dohral's offer of a province to serve as Humfoo's base until his quest had been fulfilled. Henceforth Lord Humfoo has been known to assign a Questor to tasks related to finding Humfoo's homeland, but the old Chief died without succeeding. He passed in his halls, in comfort, but sad for this deed left un-done.

Humfoo's descendants now dwell here, primarily, and control much of the countryside. Still, there are spirits here older than their first cornerstone laid, and those interests yet manifest their will upon other parts of the province. Fey hand is felt, from time-to-time upon these lands and by these people.

Humfoodale Crossing[edit | edit source]

This is a three-way roadway crossing with the roadway east leading to Tivook Province, the roadway north leading to the lumber camps in the Toltaw Forest, and the roadway south leading to the provincial seat Humfoodale Fortress.

At this crossing is found a tavern, an inn and a small building where supplies are stored by the merchant who frequents this location.


Humfoo Fortress[edit | edit source]

This is the traditional home of the Humfoo family, rulers of the region for whom it is named.

OOC NOTE : The exterior of the fortress is a shell which will soon be fleshed-out nicely; it is presently being worked on by one of our GUEST BUILDERS. The update of this Area will include seige gear and complete and fuly linked interiors.

Humfoodale (Village)[edit | edit source]

Grown up organically around the Humfoodale Fortress, here resides a number of peasant families who generally farm nearby plots of land or perform various functions for those who dwell in the fortress. In the long decades since the founding of the fortress, the village has begun to sprawl along the sunny rolling hillsides of Humfoodale.

OOC NOTE : There are several homes that may be excellent choices for PLAYER OWNED HOUSING - ask about any your PC may fancy via our forum.

Humfoodale Rural[edit | edit source]

These Areas are generally only sparsely settled, with a few worked fields but as likely to be regions merely picked-over for herbs and firewood. There are many trails and a goodly population of wildlife (deer, swine and more), but also such things draw monsters hunting too so the traveler is urged to be wary.

Humfoodale Wilds[edit | edit source]

On the maps these are generally the most obfuscated terrain. In game, these are difficult to travel, crossed only by game-trails. Monsters are sometimes found in these remote zones and travelers are urged to caution as you approach the edge of civilization here in Humfoodale.

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