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Inns of Dohral:[edit | edit source]

Prince of Parasowel:[edit | edit source]

Prince of Parasowel- Mid Dannel: Easily the most renowned inn of the City, the Parasowel, as it is locally shortened to, is almost always fully booked and even if there was spare rooms, few could afford them. Many nobles from other cities, including Hadabartha stay at this inn as a semi-permanent residence in the city. With the appearance of a palace and the gardens to match, it seems worth the price. Don’t expect much of the Staff at present, as they seem a little overwhelmed.


Alderwood Inn- Mid Egbort: Although Mid Egbort has a strangely eerie atmosphere, the Alderwood is warm and inviting. For those who don’t want the pomp and ceremony of the Parasowel, but want a luxury establishment, the Alderwood is perfect. Although it’s gardens are smaller than the Parasowel, the downstairs is a great meeting place, with drink and the inn’s simply divine ambrosia.  The second and third floors have bedrooms and meeting rooms, and even the cheapest room is high quality. The barmaids are hard pressed to keep the drinks flowing over such a sprawling establishment, so be patient with them please.


The Mainstay:

Mainstay Inn- North Chonda: An historic inn, chartered with the city by Bennin oz Dohral himself. The Benseph family have owned it a long time and has many social connections. Pretty serving lasses but poor food- It's a 'Help yourself' establishment, meaning you must cook the meat and fish yourself apparently.  Although they have a wide range of drink to choose from. You have to go down stairs for the crab. Very popular among the city folk, the rooms are often booked full, but are of good quality.

The Justice: 

The Justice- South Chonda: A colorful inn, with food, drink and boarding. Run by the Brookdin Brothers, who are perpetually busy, this inn caters to ALL sorts. Their larders run deep, and their food is interesting- most inns don’t typically serve bear meat. Alas, I never did get to try their ‘famous’ Rutabaga stew.


Back-of-Bath Inn- Mid Chonda: No service for foods and drink, but you can use the larder and kitchens yourself. The rooms are perfect for large companies wishing to stay together; although perhaps not the highest quality, they’re economic for a band of adventurers- although expensive for a lone traveler.


Happy Horseman:

Happy Horseman- Between Mid Chonda and Dannel: Nice atmosphere, drink and rooms all for an affordable price. Food is lacking, but it’s possible to visit the local markets for food. The layout is somewhat confusing, and it’s unfortunate that the inn is not marked on the city maps handed out to visitors. However this does mean that the inn is unlikely to be fully booked, although it has grown more popular over time.


FerdelHaus' Tall Mugs:

Tall Mugs/ FerdelHaus- Port Chonda: Perhaps not the best location for many. Popular among seafarers and port dwellers, it’s recommended that if visiting you quickly build up a rapport with all present- especially if you see them approach you. Some find belongings often go missing in this establishment. Drink is provided, but food is not. The rooms are very affordable and while not homey, are serviceable.  As a bonus, it’s right next to Trader Nick’s.

Frotheinstein / Sea Froth: 

Frotheinstein- Between Port Chonda and Dannel : Or the Seaside Froth, depending on which sign you read. Less rowdy than the FerdelHaus’ Tallmugs, the Frotheinstein is the quieter option for sea farers. Drink is available and while there was a cook when I visited, they seemed to lack anything to cook with. Somewhat dark and gloomy, and lacking easily obtainable rooms.


Ye Old Hider Hole:

Ye Old Hidey Hole: Very quiet and out the way. Satisfactory food and drink- sometimes undercooked. Good rooms. Peaceful.

Other Mainland Inns[edit | edit source]

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