Maybe you've got a low level character and want to get them to the point they don't die by tripping, or maybe you have a higher level character and are at loss as to where to go to gain even higher levels. We've got a few hints and tips right here.

First of all, here's some general ways to get XP:

  • Explore- you get 20 xp every new area. You also get small xp boosts when you character succeeds in things (Like passing a wisdom check and realizing that smell of smoke on the air could mean there is a camp near by). You'll encounter these triggers as you explore, so feel free to poke about.
  • RP- Seriously, just RP. Use * * for actions, chat, talk, use emotes. Even if you're by yourself, try to rp as much as possible. You get RP bonuses when you log in the next time and these can be surprisingly hefty amounts depending on how much rp you did. You get xp for talking to yourself! (Plus, if a DM spots you and is impressed, maybe he'll give you another bonus!)

On this note- RP on the forums too! Post In Character, do player to player forum conversations. A DM might just give it a like and you some xp.

  • Class specific traits- These are a bit tricky, and you'll have to discover what works for your class as you go along (Or look up the classes here and see if these traits have been mentioned). Rouges, for example, get xp pickpocketing- And coin! Win win!
  • DM events- obvious one and fun. Sadly, you can't always get in on an event, but if one is happening, try to join. Even if the party levels are so vast you don't get any xp killing things, you'll get xp from the DM. If an event is on, just ask the DM if it's possible for you to join. The worst they can say is no, and you go do other things.
  • And of course, the good ol' favorite- go kill things. Which we'll explain here.

Level 1-5[edit | edit source]

In NoobU there is an option to gain four levels using the lever behind the tomb. We'll presume you took for four levels, unless you are hardcore (Or insane) and are attempting to level up from level 1- we have only a few ideas how to help you other then the general advice of RP, research and don't get eaten by a rat. These ideas include: TRAVEL IN GROUPS, soloing is hazardous, so be careful, and PARTY up when you can. Be of caution, observe from a hidden location before committing to enter an area boldly, take note of text clues when entering areas as these can alert you to less visible features of an area. Avoid city travel alone by night, likewise wilderness roadside travel. Hire a HENCHMAN as soon as you can.

For level 4s it's another story (somewhat). Either you're a brand new player, or you've made a new character and forgotten how everything could kill you at level 4. No worries, we're here to help.

First of all, Stick to NoobU for a while. There's a training dummy in there that gives XP every time to get to 100 damage. A bit tedious, but its safe XP. So, what now? Go out the door! 20 xp, right there, for exploring a new area.

Now what?

Rats. Kill the vermin, do a civil service, smell like a sewer. A good, honest day's work.

You can kill rats by heading down into the sewers (Just find a sewer grate- they're hard to miss- They reek!). As a tip- avoid going too far south in the sewers as this is 'downhill' and in the lowest part of the sewer is equipment that forces it all out to sea, lumpy bits and all, NOT very gentle about it either... yeah, PCs are 'lumpy bits' too. Rats aren't the only things down there (Oh, and if you see a wererat in the city at night? where do you think they came from? You should be of caution when heading into dark, enclosed spaces filled with 'rats').

Expect to die a bit. It happens. Rats are vicious and these ones are really big. We won't laugh. We've been there. Also, avoid staying in one area. The farming script will pick up how fast and how much you're ending tiny lives and start screaming at you. It's rather distressing.(This is to prevent players 'grinding' away at spawns, and encourage a little RP and movement.)

5-10[edit | edit source]

Killed the rats? Still dying? No worries. Some classes can cope better than others with dealing out and taking damage. If you need to stick to rats a bit longer, do so. As a more 'fragile' class, you could always get a team mate. Another Player, or hire a henchmen at one of the local establishments (Be careful with henchmen- they may just decide to leave you and take all your stuff. Best to just let them take care of themselves and not be too generous with them.

The party level limit here is 5. So 5 levels above or below. As a level 5, you could tag along with a level 10. Carry their stuff for them. ( ;P )

But whether you can go alone or have a friend your next step is Tivook and Goblins. This means getting out of the city, so here are some directions.

Where to find goblins.jpg

So, to our right we have a basic map. Don't except more of these- we like you to find your own way. But just this once...

You can either be the adventurous sort and take the road marked in red, heading north from Chonda. Remember that- North from Chonda. The north road is pretty safe, but the West road can be more troublesome. Again, remember that night is more dangerous.

If you're in a hurry, go to the red blob marked in Mid Donnel (Take a carpet to Mid Donnel, then head south from the carpet- you'll see a blue light. Talk to it and before choosing 'I have spoken the correct tab' type 'Tivook' into your chat box and enter. It's case sensitive. To get back, after arriving in Tivook Inn, say 'Parasowel'. It's the name of the inn the portal back in Mid Donnel was in front of).

Then... go kill goblins. Watch out for wild magic and being swarmed. And ants. No, seriously, you're not ready for ants yet. Maybe level 6/7 +.

Feel free to explore though. Why pick on the goblins when there are lizard folk and orcs north of the river?

  • If you're feeling -very- brave, and ants and goblins don't seem worth the xp they give, you could try your luck with assassin vines. Good xp, will eat you. If you can't take a hit, these guys will take you down fast. Try to lead them off one at a time. They like shady spots. Maybe the shade of a castle? Like... Esrgohold?

10-15[edit | edit source]

Congratulations on not dying too much! (we hope). At this level, you have more options.

You could try head into Urzhnark Thrh'h, fight ogres and get smooshed by giants. You could keep weeding the Assassin vines. You could even go as far as Illfaw Fen and challenge the legendary Izzargators!

By now, we're hoping you've got a hang of: RPing, using class tricks, and killing the heck out of things. You shouldn't need us much more.

15-20[edit | edit source]

But wait! I've run out of things to kill!

Izzagators not working for you? Usually those things will carry you until level 20, but okay...

Truth is, this is where you have to stop being dependent on killing things. Sure, there's a few hidden baddies about you can try killing (Elementals, golems...) but they're few and far between.

20-25[edit | edit source]

No, really, what do I kill?

If you really want to keep on the monster killing diet, that's fine. But by now it'll be a bit tedious- Izzagators, giants, the rare golem/elemental (unless you know where to look. Maybe a PC will share an IG secret with you, and point you towards the fierce monsters.).

'Fraid you're down to good old grinding monsters. By now we -really- advise focusing on RP. Using class tricks that you've discovered along the way, joining in events, rping with others, exploring- Hopefully you were doing these all along while RPing, but we understand if you wanted your character to be a bit stronger before making them play with the other PCs.

25-30[edit | edit source]

Come on... really? There's nothing left for me to kill? Nothing to challenge my monster slaying skills?

Oh. There -is-. But they'll kill you first. Unless you have friends. Go get friends, go explore the wilds. Don't die. (Hint- while not always true, the farther away you get from civilisation, the more things want to kill you.)

30-35[edit | edit source]

Oh god. Those things are terrifying. Why do I need to be a higher level to get higher levels? Help me!

Sure! That's the spirit! RP with others, band together, explore the world, kill the big bads.

35-40[edit | edit source]

Soo... what now?

Join the club. No, really, come join us. RP, chat, talk, adventure. This is your life now.

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