Magical beasts are similar to animals but can have Intelligence scores higher than 2. Magical beasts usually have supernatural or extraordinary abilities, but sometimes are merely bizarre in appearance or habits. Most are neutral in aligment, like all other animals, but due to some having enough intelligence or being in possession of certain mental drives (Such as to protect or to destroy), they can also be evil or good.


A basilisk is a reptilian monster that petrifies living creatures with a mere gaze. A basilisk usually has a dull brown body with a yellowish underbelly. Some specimens sport a short, curved horn atop the nose. An adult basilisk’s body grows to about 6 feet long, not including its tail, which can reach an additional length of 5 to 7 feet. The creature weighs about 300 pounds.A basilisk relies on its gaze attack, biting only when opponents come within reach. Though it has eight legs, its slow metabolism renders it relatively sluggish, so it does not expend energy unnecessarily. Intruders who flee a basilisk rather than fight can expect, at best, a halfhearted pursuit. These creatures tend to spend most of their time lying in wait for prey, which includes small mammals, birds, reptiles, and similar creatures.

Argentum Regio specific lore: Basilisks can be found in the swampy lands of Ilfaw fen, along side their less dangerous kin, the Izzargators. This has lead to some unfortunate encounters, as while the izzargator's bite is dangerous, it's not nearly as lethal as the basilisks gaze.

Blink DogsEdit

So called for their ability to 'blink' from one place to another, in short bursts of teleportation. Intelligent, (usually) lawful good canines, Blink dogs speak their own complex version of animal, organise large family packs. The presence of a Blink dog pack generally means bad news for evil beings in the area.

Among the general populace, Blink dogs are not all that well known- but not so unusual as to cause great surprise upon their discovery. Rumours suggest they hide away in the wilds, away from people, but occasionally show themselves.


Also called 'Land sharks', due to their resemblance to the sea bound predator, only with the obvious addition of legs. Bulette are smarter than your average animal, but not really malicious- it's just that they will try to eat anything that moves. They hide beneath the earth and burrow upwards when ever they sense movement above.

Sightings of bulette are very rare- local knowledge on these moving stomachs is scarce.


A chimera is about 5 feet tall at the shoulder, nearly 10 feet long, and weighs about 4,000 pounds. A chimera’s dragon head might be black, blue, green, red, or white. The ones local to the region appear to be red dragon headed.

Chimeras can speak Draconic but seldom bother to do so, except when toadying to more powerful creatures. The creatures origins are unknown- a cosmic joke? escapees from a wizard lab? While rumours in Humfoodale suggest that chimeras can be found in the wilds to the south, not much is known about the strange beasts.


A male cockatrice has wattles and a comb, just like a rooster. Females, much rarer than males, differ only in that they have no wattles or comb. A cockatrice weighs about 25 pounds. Like strange, reptilian like fowl, cockatrices are fierce predators. If threatened, a cockatrice can use it's petrifying bite to turn competitors to stone.

They rarely come too close to civilisation, and so are less known then other beasts, although they're rumoured to be found still in thick wilds.


Cooshee, the 'fairy dog' or 'Elven dog' more commonly, 'Cu' meaning dog and 'Sith' or 'Sidhe' meaning 'of the fairy mounds' (From the Gaelic, Cusíth or Cusidhe, from the same terms as 'Banshee' (Woman from the fairy mounds).  Despite it's seemingly harmless name, cooshee can be fierce defenders and have unnerving attributes. Typically kept by elves, particularly in the fey realm, Cooshee are loyal companions. They never bark without good cause, as their bark echoes for miles. Unlike other canines, Cooshee have sharp claws with they can use to attack with, and can move faster than many other canines. Cooshee are Neutral Good, and most understand elven, but only speak animal.

Cooshee are not typically seen in Argentum Regio- especially not alone, and not typically with the elves that prefer this realm to the fey lands.

Fen HoundEdit

Unique to Arg-reg, Fen hounds haunt the Ilfaw Fens.


Majestic and intelligent beasts, Griffons act a mixture between lion and eagle. With the front end of an eagle and the the hind end of a lion, most adult griffons range from 7-10 feet long (2-3 meters). They make prides like lions, but act almost like eagles. A griffon can learn to understand common, but cannot speak it. There's legends of these creatures being tamed into loyal steeds, although their choppy flying style means only the strong and agile could possibly hope to ride one. Males tend to have brighter plumage, and unlike most raptor like species, are bigger than the females. Their tales tend to be longer and thicker than a lions, as they need this strong tail to help steer during flight. Griffons are pure predators, and refuse to scavenge

Griffons can be found in the wilds to the south east, but not in any large number. Perhaps these Griffons have left their pride to found their own.

Note: Traditionally DnD Griffons love horse flesh. In Argentum Regio, Horses are a recently introduced animal from a parallel plane. As horses also cannot reproduce normally in this plane, horses are not a Arg-reg Griffons staple diet. Many may not have even tasted horse flesh. It is unclear if other equine animals can be found in Arg-reg, but likely griffons in this plane live off deer and other herbivores.


Hippogriffs are slightly larger, and dumber, than griffons on average, at about 9 feet (2.7 meters) with the front of an eagle and the hind quarters of a horse. Despite their equine half, hippogriffs are fierce predators and highly territorial. Some may gather in 'flocks' and show omnivorous tendencies, but won't pass on the opportunity of catching a kill. 

Hippogriffs are also rumoured to have been made into mounts, although there slightly less intelligent nature makes them easier to domesticate than griffons.


Unique to Argentum Regio. Izzagators are related to Basilisks, but are far less deadly. Strange, multi-legged reptiles, a izzagators bit carries a poison that is easily resisted- but if it gets hold of a victim, the poison can have serious consequences.

Many rumours imply that people often go missing in Ilfaw Fen , and Izzagators haunt the gardens of petrified statues.



Purple WormEdit

Razor BoarsEdit