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The Aerthen Realms servers includes the City of Dohral (ARCD or 'Arc-dee') a Neverwinter Nights server vault persistent world that offers more than 1337+ Areas of adventure. This project is (originally) detailed in two wikia pages located at City of Dohral Main Page and ArgentumRegio Main Page, these pages you are reading now vastly expand upon those original pages. The module encompasses an original campaign © 2003-2019 by ALArner.

New players welcome! Check out the beginner's guide and our forums ! You can also browse the ARCD Player Handbook , which has been used as a source for many articles on this wiki.

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The World of Argentum Regio[]

Created with a goal of bringing NWN closer to D&D, this game world is a work of more than 14 years by the Founder (GM_ODA) and the Lead Scripter (Eriniel) and countless hours of additional help provided by our GUEST BUILDERS, WIKI WIZARDS, and FORUM COMMUNITY. This is a world founded by a seasoned D&D DM with 35+ years of RPG experience. Aided in this creation by the most amazingly talented programmer that the founder has ever met (and a darned good storyteller in her own right), the game world defines immersion. PCs will be surrounded by the sounds, smells, and sights of a port city, and the sparsely populated lands beyond the walled city named Dohral. Following the roadways leading inland, the brave adventurer can find themselves encountering bandits of various types (human, goblin, even troglodytes by moonless nights). There is wildlife to be found but so too monsters in the wilds. Monster lairs can be sought out or avoided as the PC deems best, secrets abound but are hidden well enough to be considered secrets, so be astute!

The server features tracking, resource gathering, crafting, climbing, swimming, flying, jumping, and swinging on ropes. The server supports methods to define a PC far beyond mere class, level, race, stats, skills and feats. The server enables PLAYERS to RP better because the PLAYER is able to know things their PC would perceive, especially where other classes would be oblivious, this can be a great source of ever-current RP-ready lore.

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