This server does some things differently from most other servers, this page seeks to outline a few of these and offer explanations on they reasons we chose the options we did.

Vignette vs Contiguous Mapping[edit | edit source]

We use both styles: Vignette where 'interesting places' are specifically built, and Contiguous where the whole region is built. Generally, this project uses Contiguous mapping methods with Vignettes used for 'far places' that become needed in the campaign. Unlike Vignette style building, Contiguous mapping offers DMs a choice of locations in which to spring surprises upon unwary PCs and PARTIES, and we like to give our DMs 'room to move'.

Obvious vs Hidden Adventure Sites[edit | edit source]

We like to think that 'low hanging fruit' is the first fruit taken. In a region where adventurers have been active for a while, you should expect that the easy-to-find lairs and trouble-spots have been found. Now, we are here presented with an edgewise look at the problem of a PW - how do you keep it realistic enough to help the PLAYER suspend disbelief? Among the methods we use here are making it harder to find lairs/trouble-spots, and making those trouble-spots have a logical means of replenishing themselves between adventuring forays. How? Well, as examples we will discuss the lairs of the goblins, trolls, lizardmen and ogres.

First, the Goblin Lairs are connected to deeper spaces and there are many tribes/villages of goblins below... population pressures would not long allow an otherwise prosperous site to be left uninhabited, hence the village will be restocked by another tribe soon after being emptied by adventurers, and perhaps the defenses shall be improved to prevent further incursions....

Next, the Troll Lair; as some may know, the trolls here regenerate like D&D trolls and this means event pieces cut or bashed off the troll in combat can become a whole troll by means of regeneration. Imagine someone could actually empty the Trolloch of full sized trolls, think a moment how many tiny splats may have been cast off into the dark recesses during those many combats. Yes, the splats can and do regenerate. So even after the most devastating of excursions into Trolloch, you can easily accept that the troll spaces are re-populated later.

Next, the Lizardmen Lair has communication with other coastal / salt-marsh villages to the south, and population pressure and possible revenge for relatives' deaths may motivate a re-population of the village.

Lastly, the Ogre Lair (village) - there is communication among ogre villages east and south into the jungles, word would spread and populations would return for revenge, or just to take advantage of the rich resources that supported the ogre village in the first place.

Lair Location Selection[edit | edit source]

Seasoned PLAYERS will discover that while there are few monster lairs south of the Zeethan River (near Dohral), there are more and wilder lands north of the river. South of the river, lair locations were selected to reflect the notion that civilization holds sway in that space. Civilized patrols and travel keeps the 'monster traffic' at a minimum there. Still, sometimes at night, the monsters do come out. Wise PLAYERS will note the locations where monsters predate as it is usually nearby where their lairs are found. Often, less intelligent predators will choose to lurk at water-holes or along game-trails near to their lair for example.

Locomotion Advantages[edit | edit source]

Experienced PLAYERS will take advantage of the expanded modes of movement offered on this server. These would specifically include the following.

CLIMB POINTS are scattered around in Areas sometimes quite sparsely sometimes less so. A clever PLAYER may want to have their PC travel light, keeping encumbrance low and thus making climb attempts more likely to succeed.

JUMPING can be done in most places. Outdoors, especially if being chased by monsters you would rather not face, jumping down can be a life-saver. Likewise, jumping down to maneuver to a better position or allow deeper penetration on a spying mission can sometimes be critical to overall success. Jumping up can be done, but it is more difficult. Jumping too is impacted by heavy loads.

FLYING is great fun and especially in the outdoors, can enable a PC to visit spaces those on foot could never reach, or would march a long way by circuitous route to access.

HIDDEN TRAIL USE some PCs can access and even allow PARTY-MATES to access HIDDEN TRAILS here. Judicious use of these can make a PC seem outrageously fast in-game.

SWIMMING can get your PC into or out of trouble. Drowning is always a danger for the air-breathing PC. Note that reduced encumbrance results in higher movement speeds so a PC might want to shed gear before entering the water. Some spaces can only be accessed by swimming or flying.

SWINGING some locations allow for ropes or vines that can be used for swinging across otherwise large gaps or other dangers (below).

SQUEEZING THRU tight spaces is a grand tradition of any veteran spelunker. Adventuring sorts who find themselves in such a need may wish to shed gear before making the attempt. Note some animal forms are better at this sort of thing than are humanoid forms (rat, weasle, snake, etc.). Especially in underground settings, there are locations where a determined PC can 'squeeze thru' what might otherwise appear to be a dead-end but is better termed a 'pinch-out'.

WINDOW USE can allow a variety of interactions, in some cases this includes allowing the PC to pass through the window to the other side (other uses include listen, look-through, yell-out, and more).

Living Large & Ranging Widely[edit | edit source]

Different CLASSES tend to shine in different settings. We tried to provide space for every need. ROGUES may love the urban settings here because they are so large a fellow can vanish in them. RANGERS, DRUIDS, and BARBARIANS especially may find the vast swathes of wilderness offered here both refreshing and useful. DROW, certain UNDEAD and other quirky sorts may find the extensive underground spaces refreshing, especially during the hours of six-am-to-six-pm. Mounted PCs will find the LARGE outdoor Areas enjoyable, and these too allow for resources to be scattered about such large Areas giving PCs a reason to explore completely or risk missing usful features. This module really does have 1337+ Areas in it and there is a sound reasoning why. We want this to feel like a world, one your PC can properly get immersed into. So you want to hide some choice items ... pick an Area, and a spot and just bury it ... to be found, someone must dig in the same place you see. The more remote the Area the more likely it has untouched herbs, minerals or mushrooms. Think that 1337 Areas is a lot? HA! Our DMs even have a selection of customizable Areas to depict Areas not specifically included in our module, so your PCs adventures may take you to places the BUILDERS never imagined. Technically, this module has INFINITE AREAS. Yeah, it's like that.

Want more? OK, get ready. We are about to debut a new module of lands adjacent to Dohral, and featuring NEW HAKS, new terrain types, new features as stunningly different as our swimming system too.

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