Race: Half-Shadowdragon
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 20's

(exact age unknown)

Alignment: CG
Religion: Polytheistic
Classes: Sorcerer/Shadowdancer
Titles: N/A
Status: Active
Player: Shar

General Discription[edit | edit source]

Ne'Sekoleth, or just "Ne" as most people call him stands slightly taller than the average human and for the most part looks in all aspects more like a small bipedal dragon than anything human in nature. He is virtually never seen without his bow and quiver of arrows which he carries at the hip like a scabbard to keep from harming his wings. His scales are a jet black, unlike his eyes which glow with there own dull light.

At a young age Ne was suddenly alone and fending for himself in the wilds of tivook without knowing the local language or anything about human culture. He fended for himself for the next several years until meeting charia who helped him adjust.

In Character Facts[edit | edit source]

Known Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ne is known as the husband of Lia.

Family[edit | edit source]

Ne'Sekoleth has only one known family member, his draconic grandfather to whom is has only met briefly.

Suspected Facts/ Rumours[edit | edit source]

"Sara" : During voids attack a being appeared calling herself "Sara" and claiming to be the daughter of Ne and Charia. While the true nature of Sara may never be known its has become clear to all that she is not there daughter but in fact a creation of void. Sarah has not been seen since Voids banishment.

"Chicken-thief": During his childhood Ne is suspected of being the feared "shadowdemon" that would steal chickens from farms at night leaving only his scaps behind. He has confessed this to be true in at least one case and has payed several local farmers for the missing chickens. leading to speculation that this is in fact the case.

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