Noob U. - the NWN Cool School[edit | edit source]

Noob U. is a set of OOC tutorial Areas aimed at helping the PLAYER who is new to Argentum Regio, to quickly walk through all the major features of the server, and particularly highlighting some features specific to the PCs CLASS, RACE, SKILLS, FEATS and other factors.

The PLAYER is encouraged to tour these Areas either solo by reading the signs and following arrows from station to station, or by asking a fellow PLAYER or DM to guide you on a tour of Noob U. narrating the systems and answering any questions you may have as you progress.

In order, the stations address such features and concerns as:

  • Surviving Exposure to Weather
  • Resting and Dealing with Fatigue in the Game
  • Banking and Money in the Game
  • Fishing
  • Bathing
  • Water and Dealing with Thirst in the Game
  • Camping and Firewood
  • Runestone 101
  • Basic Runestone
  • Climbing Trees *
  • Jumping
  • Climbing
  • Flying *
  • Freeclimbing
  • Adventure 101 *
  • Trapland & Trapland Advanced **
  • Swinging
  • Fruit Gathering
  • Resource Gathering ***
  • Time & Death
  • Bindstones
  • Graveyards *
  • Dead and Wild Magic +
  • Free Levels ++
  • Swimming
  • Digging *
  • Burglary **

* One can skip these and still survive this world, but you will have missed some amazing and useful lessons.

** Tutorials meant for ROGUES

*** Tutorial targeting crafters and those who would earn some coin by supplying them.

+ Tutorial intended for spell casters.

++ optional for all, free levels up to 5.

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