Argentum Regio Wiki

Rules are meant to help us play well together. These are mutual understandings that you consent to if you PLAY here on ArgentumRegio.

Rule 0 - REPORT EXPLOITS (do not abuse them).[]

Did you find some way to earn endless Experience Points by spamming some object? Did you find some monsters giving absurd Experience awards for easy kills? Did you discover a transition not working or something that just seems wrong? THEN REPORT IT and do not abuse the exploit. This server is a work in progress, sometimes things do not function as intended, and we count on YOU HONEST PLAYERS to tell us when things are amiss. There are tools for BUG REPORTING found in the central chamber of the second OOC Area, or just ask any PLAYER or DM to help you find them.

Rule 1 - Respect Others.[]

Be polite. Remember not all PLAYERS are adults and excessive use of salty language is not something we appreciate here (we don't want angry parents on our backs because little Cindy encountered some angry PLAYER cussing and grouching). This server is PG-13 (this is a USA theater rating system designation, detailed below). While you may play a PC that cusses ICly at times, keep it to a reasonable minimum in such cases. We do not anticipate PLAYERS under 13 here (unsupervised use of the Internet by children younger than 13 is NOT recommended) - that said, we must live in a reasonably polite society here so our general conduct rule follows the MPAA PG-13 pattern.

From Wikipedia:
Such films may contain moderate to strong violence, horror, action and peril, strong coarse language, some suggestive material and partial or somewhat complete nudity, strong rude or unsophisticated behavior, discrimination/bullying, alcohol, smoking, intense sexual situations, crude situations, thematic elements, emotional intensity, disturbing/startling images, and/or soft drug use or references.
PG-13 – Parents Strongly Cautioned
Parents are urged to be cautious as the motion picture contains some material that parents might consider inappropriate for children under 13.

Respect should extend to the Dungeon Masters (DMs) and Admins too.

Rule 2 - Have Fun.[]

This is a game, and we play to have fun. The Admin likes to think of the server as being like his home; a place where friends can gather for an enjoyable game. Try to avoid other PCs / PLAYERS if their style conflicts with yours (even if it takes politely telling them you are doing so), it is a BIG server and there is room for all to have fun.

Rule 3 - Complaints[]

We all work hard to keep this excellent server operating and it is advised that all PLAYERs take any disputes to pms to admins or dms rather than spoil the RP of others with an OOC complaint / venting. If you are angry, step away from the keyboard for a while.

If there is a general question about  how something is done in reference to game mechanics, then post in forums for open discussion.

This sever is still in beta so things need to be worked out. There is a place in the forum to report such quirks.