"Shak Tolun"

Allies: ?

Rivals: The law , Curst Vampyre , Cholla 

(The Shak Tolun is both Guild and Faction. The Faction itself runs deeper and further than what the Guild appears to, but in theory they are the same.)

In Character Information[edit | edit source]

The Shak Tolun (two words from long dead languages, shak meaning to take or possess, and 'tolun' meaning shadow or darkness) is a large and diverse group spread across the Acerian Tradeway in places secret and remote. Originating more than 700 years ago (c.- 342 CE) as a typical thieves' guild or local city syndicate, the founders and their operations were very successful and in time, expanded to several other cities, sometimes 'absorbing' other local elements, sometimes eliminating them. The whole operation took up some patterns, or traditions a few of these persist to this day and are detailed later in these paragraphs; the reader is to note that some of the traditions developed are so old they may make no sense at all to an outsider.

Originating in Hadabartha, and it was old even then, but different in significant ways. There were many small rogue guilds which operated in and around Hadabartha in those days. They were always scuffling with one another over 'turf', and often lives were brutally short as a result. There were five guildhouses stronger than the others and these, formed a League under the persuasive arguments of Finn Mannon, who soon became the leader of the amalgamated guilds. Competition been hotting-up at that time, and the smaller guilds were growing increasingly desperate as the rulers of Hadabartha rolled out ever more powerful tools to make the guild's work more difficult. Finn proved a very capable leader and soon eliminated, or helped the law drive out all the competition whilst remaining seemingly invisible to local authorities. By the time the Cholla showed their hand in pressuring the guilds to refrain from their traditional activities, the Shak Tolun had well perfected their strategies and tools for evading even magical searches. The basic premise: do not be where your enemy looks nor strikes, counter when right, and from the veins. 

Shak Tolun members are 'Trained' in some strange ways. Some of the training missions include the following. Milking the spiders, Setting Maze Traps, Running Messages, Pickup or deliver parcel to a hidden cove, Supply run to the Tivook Larders, Gather smoke bomb making ingredients to name a few. Shak Tolun has a unique form of organization that some may think to be complicated, basically in each area the Shak Tolun have presence in around the world - there are various "Sub Groups" that all answer to the Knotmaster and Top Knotmasters of Shak Tolun (the highest ranking position(s) above all else). Different knots deal with Assassinations, Banditry, Piracy and Thievery.

Events Involved In[edit | edit source]

Well, this guild doesn't even exit- so how could they possibly get involved?

Members List[edit | edit source]

At the head of all 'knots' is the knot master. The other knots might compete against each other, but don't outrank each other.

  1. Guildmaster: Knotmaster
  2. Assassin's knot: Garrot, Shortblade, Longblade, Apothecary, Bowman
  3. Highway knot: Roadman, Looter, Ambusher, Thug, Brigand.
  4. Seaway knot: Seacaptain, Navigator, Swashbuckler, Scalawag, Seaman.
  5. Urbanite's knot: Grifter, Burglar, Filcher, Extortioner, Robber

Out of Character Information[edit | edit source]

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