"The Lycan Purges"
Rank: Major
DM: Darkness

Main Characters: Sasha, Grace,

Vashan, Nailo, Aria.

Main Players: Pyro (Colin), Elgate,

BobbyBrown, Absol13.

Aprox Date: (Jun/2013-Present)


Status: In Progress

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Only a few years after the Lycan Treaty was reaffirmed, a sudden movement spurred anti-lycan sentiments, leading to the lynching of hundreds of supposed lycans, and perhaps falsely accused non-lycans.

Three nobles, 'The Wolf', 'The Hawk' and 'The Goat', seemed to financially support and supply a movement to purge lycans from the land and city. A wizard was given the means to capture lycans and experiment upon them. The common people were riled up and then given a list of names of all the lycans in the city, which they then killed with home made silver weapons. Poisoned milk was left out to kill cats- including werecats. Sasha was the one who discovered many of these plots, after investigating and being captured herself, and almost turned into a malar panther by the mage given leave to use lycans as test subjects.

For a period of time, the city was a death trap to lycans- and the gates and trees outside the city were decorated with twisted remains.

Capture of the Hawk- (Year, 496)[edit | edit source]

During the lycan hunts, a particular hunter called Trisha (or Triss) stood out among the others. Trisha was a skilled hunter, but more importantly, was an old flame of Nailo, a notable werecat. During an attempted capture of Grace Fennerset and Nailo, Trisha was instead restrained. She revealed that she was being payed by masked men to capture lycans in order to 'cure' them, and was given specialised equipment in order to do so. She believed she was saving Nailo, and other lycans. Three robed men stood out from the rest- The Wolf, The Goat and The Hawk. Trisha also mentioned an unmasked elven man, who she couldn't identify.

Later, during an excursion into the city, chaos erupted. Frightened commoners began rioting, after the lycan hunt became a wild witch hunt, resulting in the deaths of many innocents. Bandits, looters and mercenaries took advantage of the chaos, and the city became a blood bath. Ashanti, the werewolf, Grace and Aria Lindon the bard, were in the city searching for Sasha, and encountered Vashan, Zeff (a powerful wizard) and Kendrick Silverstone. Sasha had founded and led a rebel camp of lycans who had fled the city, and had rentered the city to gather supplies when the others went looking for her. Although Sasha was not found, the group pooled information, and realised that a noble associated with the hunts was in the city, in the Prince of the Parasowel. Deciding to take advantage of the chaos themselves, the group tracked down the Noble; Barron Alfons Darvonson, Also known as 'The Hawk', due to his crest. After interrogating the man, and discovering the names of the other two nobles involved, the man was 'taken away to be put on trial'.  The trial never occurred, and the Barron seemingly disappeared- along with the case.

Pursuit of the Wolf- (Year, 500)[edit | edit source]

Anti-lycan sentiments had died down again, after the Lord of Dohral called for criers to remind the people of the treaty. Likely this move was done to appease the wild factions of Fey and Druid, as well as to prevent another riot. However, news from a nieghbouring country began to spread across the lands of Al Dohral, of a full lycan rebellion, led by a werecat (Some rumours suggest this lycan is Sasha, others insist it's a male elven werecat called Nailo). A lord from this neighboring country, Lord Varren Evrington, sent out requests for silver weapons. The name, although not known among any other than those present at the interrogation, was one of The Three, and the coat of arms used to seal the note was that of a wolf.

This information has stirred up the dying embers of the lycan purges, although the people of Dohral seem unwillingly to suffer another riot, or get actively involved in foreign politics.

In Game sources and rumors[edit | edit source]

  • Crier reports
  • The streets and towns would have been abuzz with news and opinions on the purges- it wasn't a secret. Locals will likely still gossip about it. Some may even still have their crude silver weapons.
  • Old notes were left on the boards
  • Rumour: 'Grace Fennerset' was a name on the list of lycans. She was recognised by the mobs.
  • Rumour: Sasha was a name on the list and was also recognised- although this may have been due to her refusing to hide her nature.
  • Sasha the werecat openly challenged the mob, and set up a rebel camp of lycans.
  • Nailo left to help the lycans in The Wolf's (Lord Varren Evington's) country, becoming a leader of the lycans in open civil war/ rebellion against the Lord and other rulers. (Other rumours suggest Sasha is the leader, but witnesses report the leader is male and elven, fitting Nailo's discription.)

OOC Info- Names of the Three.[edit | edit source]

The names of the nobles may still be obscure. While Barron Alfons Darvonson, The Hawk, was captured after the initial outbreak of lynchings, his name may have never been disclosed to the public. Lord Varren Evington, The wolf, may have openly requested silver weapons, but that's innocent enough and does not connect him to the purges. Duke Vermire, The Goat, would have no connection at all yet.

If you had/have a character who was a lycan with residency in the city or neighbouring lands, their name was likely on the mysterious list of names.

Vashan wore a disguise at all times. 

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