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"The Lycan Treaty"
Rank: Major
DM: Dekkar and Darkness

Main Characters: Ajax, Grace, Adrastia,Fen

Grimtooth, Charia, Vashan

Main Players: Wolfbran, Elgate, Vindsalur, Absol13, 

Spiriteternal, Animayhem, BobbyBrown.

Aprox Date: Apr/2013-May/2013

(Year 494)

Status: Complete

(A follow up of this event: The Lycan Purges, was done by DM Darkness)

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Events started when a winter wolf lycan, Ajax "The White Wolf", began growing territorial and encountered initiates from the Hunter's Guild. The initiates were supposedly out on a training run, and were not hunting Ajax specifically. However, when Ajax began to stalk the intruders in his territory, the hunter's grew wary and suspected an attack. Tensions snapped, and Ajax brutally slaughtered who he perceived to be persecutors.

This began a series of events, leading to many lycans being hunted down and chased from the cities. Ajax was eventually hunted down and captured- with the aid of another lycan, a werebear, called Grace Fennerset (OOC info- this information was not disclosed to the public).Grace, a druid, had been informed that the druids, who many members of which were lycans, had an old treaty declaring that lycans were protected. The actions of the Hunter's Guild were in direct violation of the treaty, and cause for war.

To appease the different factions involved, Ajax was given a trial- which ended in his execution, when the wolf believed he would never be given a fair trial, and attempted to attack the jury. Afterwards, the factions needed to reaffirm the peace between them, by creating a new treaty. The Fey, allies of the Druids, formed a treaty with the Hunter's Guild and the Chapter of the Shining blade- a now destroyed faction of Paladins led by Adrastia. Grace was chosen as the representative for the druids, and the lycans (who had no say in the Treaty as a faction), out of Fen and Grimtooth the Gnoll. Charia was chosen as the representative for the Fey.

The Treaty stated that Lycans should be treated as citizens of the law, unless proven dangerous. Killing a lycan with out evidence of threat or not in self defense is considered a crime just as any murder would be. Unless impossible to safely capture, a Lycan should not be killed and instead brought in for a fair trial in the case of suspected attacks. 

However, Dohral is famous for ignoring the law when they wish to, and with the Hunter's Guild going quiet, and the Chapter being destroyed, the Treaty seems one sided and doomed to fail.

In Game sources and rumors[edit | edit source]

In game sources: 

  • Criers posted the new laws on the post boards around Dohral and Tivook, as well as cry out the news.


  • Lycans believe that Ajax was unjustly killed. Some see him as visionary and inspirational figure, standing up against the persecution of lycans, and fighting for lycan superiority.
  • Apparently another Lycan was present at the trial, and attempted to murder the court.
  • People suspect that Lycans were behind the destruction of the Chapter.
  • Other individuals aren't sure who, but they suspect another lycan was behind the capture of Ajax, and was working with the Hunter's Guild.
  • Among the Hunter's Guild: The lycan helping them also saved their lives- attempting, and succeeding in a few cases, to raise the dead that Ajax killed.
  • The Treaty was almost unheard of before this event.
  • One of the Initiates killed by Ajax was the younger brother of the Hunter's Guild Guildmaster.
  • Vashan Wilkina mediated in many events- and perhaps was responsible for saving the court from Ajax and his unnamed attempted Lycan rescuer.  

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

These are images taken by the player Animayhem (Charia), during one of the ingame events related to this story.

Treaty Council in Feyview

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