"The Mercenary Guild"

Leader: ?

Player: theApparition
No. PCs:
Status: Recently reactivated.
Restricitons: Class? Race? N/A?



"The guild is just perfect for starting adventurers! Gain money, experience, money, fame and money! You know what they say a poor adventurer is a dead adventurer! Don't let that be you!"

In Character Information[edit | edit source]

The Mercenary guild used to be one of the more active guilds, with a wide influence on the land- However strange circumstances reduced the guild to rubble scattering it's members. An attempt to resurrect the guild has recently begun, and the new building can be located in the old Tradehaus in Donnel port.

One of the founders and former leaders was a man named Tsully.  With his death, the guild seemed to be dormant for awhile.  There is a monument to  Tsully by the old building which was commissioned by very close friend, Charia.

" Found within the city rests a buisness aspiring to be one of the realms leading establishments. Desired to be sought by any and all who wish a personal touch of professionals to secure thier purposes, they await their many callings. Diplomacy to mercernaries, The Established Order seeks to fulfill the needs of many roles with the ranks of men and women who fill their guildhall and rosters. From common jobs to elite missions, the guild offers many services to the public and private clients.

To any free adventuring souls who wish to find more fulfillment out of thier daily lives, come discover if The Established Order has a place for you in the history books. Or for any who wish to find thier place in the realm to treasure hunters who seek legends, your destiny may await you here. Fame, fortune, and possibly unfulfilled desires await those who hold a position among the guild. Do not miss your calling."

                                       Branches of The Established Order

The Arms Division

Here are welcomed warriors, soldiers, defenders, and any other who bear arms. Usually assigned when a threat level moderate or more, though they are commonly employed for most jobs. Typically a lone warrior can be sent to complete most missions that may involve combat situations, or just for common purpose jobs. Rangeing from mundane to elite missions, the men and women of The Arms Division can find profit in this part of the Order. This branch of the guild holds two seats on the Council of Oaths.

Route seekers

In this branch you will commonly find those who spend most of thier time traveling. Archers, woodsman, and many others who spend thier time outdoors are likely called on as scouts or escorts because of this wayfareing. Thier knowledge of direction and travel bring interest of those who wish to discover new locations or reasch far away lands. This information is extremely valuable and can bring costs based on destinations. Route Seekers are often assigned to missions that require long travel, or personal expertise of certain locations. They are usually paired with someone from The Arms Division, though it is not uncommon to find them on solo tasks. This section of the guild holds three seats on the Council of Oaths.

Aquisition Circle

This wing of the guild holds the men and women who wish to work without the common restrictions of the law, adhereing mostly to thier own moral code. Rogues, bards and the common adventurers find wealth to be had from the work that is offered by this branch. Though some menbers would conflict that they are not criminals(non PPer/no locksmiths) and only use the shadows as a means to accomplich thier goals. Members of this branch are usually paired with members of The Arms Division and their missions are usually confidential. They are well known for the acquistion of treasure and other items upon request. Some occasions may arise that thay are teamed with members from The Arms Division and Route Seekers for expiditions into far way lands undiscovered ruins. One seat on the Council of Oaths is reserved for Acquisition Circle.

Conclave of The Established Order

With this sect of the guild holding four seats on the Council of Oaths, thier knowledge and power is often sought and well accomidated.Anyone with the ability to cast magic is considered beyond worth. Holding the most seats on the council reflects thier sway over most people, be it benevolence or arrogance, thier position is upheld with utmost importance. The men and women with arcane or divine grace often times sway the balance of life and death. Weither the respect is commanded or earned, thier presence anywhere is regarded with attention or fear. Often sent on diplomatic missions, they are commonly used to be mediators that can negotiate terms for any side, as the guild takes a impartial role on most matters foreign or abroad. They are also commonly employed for teaching and other various tasks that require magical flavores. (scrolls/wands/potions/spells/apprenticeships). Whenever deployed, instead of guild assignment, the caster takes their choice of companion. If the mission requires more units, the guild will then assign members, but the first choice is on the caster.

Events Involved In[edit | edit source]

Any events the guild has been a part of- or has had many members involved in.

Members List[edit | edit source]

" Those who heed the call."

Arms Division :

Route Seekers : Mezyk Senavin

Acquisition Circle :

Conclave of The Established Order : Maddox

Secret :

Out of Character Information[edit | edit source]

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