"Order of the Stone Fist"
Leader: Nathan Fryer (Inactive)
No. PCs: 1
Status: Inactive
Restricitons: Class- Monk

Allies: Druids, Other followers of

Deeproot, Other Monk orders.


"The local Monk Brotherhood, Living in the Monastery within the City of Dohral"

In Character Information[edit | edit source]

The Order of the Stone Fist is an old guild, comprised of Monk followers of Deeproot. The Monastery can be found in Mid Chonda. Other monks who follow another deity are likely quite welcome to rest and stay at the monastery, especially if they are followers of fellow nature deity, but are encouraged to go and found a monastery to their own deity.

This monastery is mostly human run, but will not turn away others based on their race.

Events Involved In[edit | edit source]


Out of Character Information[edit | edit source]

The Guild leader and guild has been inactive for sometime, although the monastery remain in game. If a player is interested in taking over this monastery, then they should ask about it in the forums . It would be preferable reactivating the guild, rather than converting the monastery.

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