"The Shadow Saga"
Rank: Epic
DM: Darkness
Main Characters: Charia, Ne'sekoleth,

Tsully, Fen, Aria, Nailo, Veldeena

Main Players: Animayhem, Shar, Pyro

(Colin???), Crescent_Black, Absol13

Aprox Date:???/????- Dec/2013
Status: Complete

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

It is a story of an ancient evil long thought buried and forgotten.  The first recorded battles with this force of darkness which called itself the Void with the god Rhenallathan and his loyal followers. It was thought that this evil being was sealed forever along with its followers. However the ritual to seal it was flawed and over the centuries it slowly eroded allowing this enity to slowly escape its prison and try and regain what it had lost.  It managed to free tself and took up residence in the Tivook caves.  A being of nothingness, it required the desires and wishes of living things to give it purpose. Rumors started about people entering the caves but never coming out.


(( This is a work in progress please see the links. This was a major serverwide and lasted over a year. Many people were involved.))

In Game Sources and Rumors[edit | edit source]


Aria's Book: The Light Hidden in the Darkness

Charia's Book: Dark Cloud, Silver Lining (Currently Incomplete)

Forum Posts[edit | edit source]

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