Time within the Game[edit | edit source]

Note: Currently the in game calender may jump back and forth in years. It's also difficult to exactly line up IG time with RL time. Currently the time flow goes like this:

8 mins RL= 1 hour IG

3 hours 12 mins (192 mins) = 1 day

22 hours 24 mins (roughly 1 day) = 1 week

3 days 17:32 hours= 1 month (Every IG month only has 28 days, with New Moon on 1st of month)

Roughly 45 days= 1 year (Game year =336 days)

448 days (Roughly 1 year, 3 months)= 1 decade

4480 days (roughly 12 years, 3 months) = 1 century

We're unlikely to see centuries pass, but we may see generations come and go. The very first beta testers would have started somewhere in the early 400's, and we're currently in the 500's. 

(Current Year In Game is 510, as of Jan 2015

0[edit | edit source]

100[edit | edit source]

200[edit | edit source]

300[edit | edit source]

300[edit | edit source]

Bennin oz Dohral born to a modestly prosperous merchant family in Hadabartha.

302[edit | edit source]

Fahsoosh Vehnargon is born to a pauper family in a tent somewhere on the Krengen Steppes.

309 summer[edit | edit source]

Zed Bolovin is born to a family with a long tradition as clerks. Zed follows in that family profession spending his formative years in schools in Hadabartha.

316 summer[edit | edit source]

Fahsoosh, as he gives his name, departs the steppes of his childhood and the life of a goatherd for a 'trail to lead places he knew not.'

317 spring[edit | edit source]

Fizna Egbort begins his career in Aceria, first as a gambler, then a financier. His fortunes skyrocket.

319 spring[edit | edit source]

In a camp-followers' tent, born to a woman taken as war-spoils, Krag is born.

320 spring[edit | edit source]

Eldon Esrogoth is born to a human mother, his father an elven bard who does not linger long after the flower of romance has bloomed.

320 summer[edit | edit source]

Elspan Donnel is born to a lifelong Ships Officer and his wife, fourth of seven children.

320 autumn[edit | edit source]

Born to a camp follower to a mercenary officer who fell in that years' campaign, Solbrey Algrada, a fiesty lad who was raised as a camp follower and befriended by many of his fallen father's fellow mercenaries, gained an early life of rough seasoning and martial instruction, within hardly more than a decade, Solbrey would march with his fathers old company.

324 summer[edit | edit source]

Krag, now 15 departs his mother's care and joins the mercenary company of his father, serving under his father (secretly) and never announcing his parentage while the man lived as he knew it would not get any favorable result.

325[edit | edit source]

Bennin oz Dohral, largely on money from his father, founds the Dohral Trading Company or DTC, named for his father.

327 summer[edit | edit source]

Zed Bolovin is hired on as a general clerk with DTC.

329[edit | edit source]

Fizna Egbort wealthy playboy philanthropist arrives in Hadabartha, purchases an expensive bit of real estate and commences demolishing the posh residence to make room for his own new design which is built over the next four years. Egbort gains a local business reputation as a person who pays well and only hires the best, more generally a reputation as a womanizer.

330[edit | edit source]

Kenfen Humfoo, warrior-chief of the Fengendangondol Tribe is born.

331 summer[edit | edit source]

Fizna Egbort is engaged in financing certain of Bennin oz Dohrals more lavish schemes, and the two profit famously. An friendship and financial alliance is born in which the DTC returns to Fizna Egbort repeatedy over the decades.

332 winter[edit | edit source]

Mercenary Krag retires from service to the mercenary company and signs on as an officer among the DTC shipboard forces.

333 spring[edit | edit source]

Ligull Chonda is born, given by an unknown mother to the temple of Finshi in Hadabartha.

336 summer[edit | edit source]

Zed Bolovin is hired on as a general manager of DTC Hadabartha offices.

337 summer[edit | edit source]

Solbrey Algrada named Captain of his company.

338 summer[edit | edit source]

The primary village of the Fengendangondol Tribe is raided by slavers, young Kenfen Humfoo among those taken.

339 autumn[edit | edit source]

Solbrey Algrada's company hired to escort Bennin oz Dohral on meetings with nomadic peoples at the southern fringe of Hadabartha. Loyal service there resulted in a long term hire of the company.

340 summer[edit | edit source]

Zed Bolovin is hired on as a Merchant Master with DTC.

341 spring[edit | edit source]

Etrudol oz Bennin, son of Bennin oz Dohral is born to Bennin's first wife.

342 spring[edit | edit source]

  • Bennin os Dohral while traveling to negotiate a deal on supplies of fiber is swept overboard, the ship survives but carries word of the death of Bennin oz Dohral, quite prematurely. Bennin is washed ashore near the present day city of Dohral, where by luck he soon met a band of dwarves hunting wild boars and scouting for wolf sign. Among this hunting band was the young dwarven prince Hragolvin eldest son of the reigning dwarven Lord. Bennin puts great effort into mastering the dwarven language in hopes of negotiating aid from the Dwarven Lord.

344 autumn[edit | edit source]

Bennin's ship comes in! A passing ship sights the smoke intended to signal distress and Bennin is 'rescued' by passing merchants. Bennin bids a fond farewell to his dwarven friend the young Prince and returns home to find his home in disarray and his kin thinking him long dead.

345 spring[edit | edit source]

Jennikha, wife of Bennin oz Dohral dies in an accident at the family manse.

345 summer[edit | edit source]

Eldon Esrogoth begins a (self) storied career as a traveling minstrel (BARD) and sometimes sell-sword.

345 autumn[edit | edit source]

Solbrey Algrada hired as the head of Bennin oz Dohral's security needs both aboard ships and at various other locations throughout the vast Dohral mercantile operation.

345 winter[edit | edit source]

Humfoo overpowers his master's guards, frees nearly a hundred other slaves and finally murders his master in his sleep along with the whole household. When the band of former slaves set-out from the ruins of the old estate the following morning, it is left a silently haunted place. Humfoo begins his search for his homeland.

346 spring[edit | edit source]

The Dohral family manse is officially closed, Bennin oz Dohral returns to living out of his offices.

347 spring[edit | edit source]

Eldon Esrogoth joins a traveling merchant named Bennin oz Dohral, and pens a travelog of the places visited and a second tome at journey's end as a biography of Bennin oz Dohral. This wins him the favor of Bennin oz Dohral and so beings a long-time friendship.

348 spring[edit | edit source]

Eldon Esrogoth hired as Chief Recruiter for the DTC.

348 summer[edit | edit source]

Eldon Esrogoth recruits Humfoo as Master of Arms aboard ships serving the DTC.

351 spring[edit | edit source]

Ligull Chonda joins with Bennin oz Dohral on a mission of mercy delivering needed grain to a famine zone in the west. A friendship was formed and the two traveled the next five years company.

353 spring[edit | edit source]

Finther Donnel is born in the city of Hadabartha.

354 summer[edit | edit source]

The Blade, a cunning robber and burglar leaves much of the Hadabarthan aristocracy in fear for their lives and riches; fame follows for 'The Blade' and his band of cut-throats. The Blade elicits the ire of Hadabarthan authorities and a bounty of 10,000 gold in a series of robberies committed by he and his loyal band along the inland trade routes of Hadabartha, particularly near Klebenwoad.

354 autumn[edit | edit source]

The Blade and his brigands begin reaping a profitable reward from offering 'protection' to passing caravans just outside the patrol range of Hadabarthan city patrols. The band seem to have a host of escape routes planned. Even staged attempts to pursue the brigands by patrols authorized to operate beyond the usual patrol routes have failed repeatedly to apprehend the Robber Barron known as 'The Blade' a reward of 100,000 Acerian gold is offered for his capture in any condition.

355 summer[edit | edit source]

During a trading expedition to the southern coasts of Hadabartha, the flotilla was beset by pirates. Having sufficient yet discrete men-at-arms dressed as sailors (with weapons concealed and no armor), the DTC flotilla was able to put down a number of the attacking pirates in the first few minutes of the encounter, pirate morale was broken two ships broke and ran, one pirate ship was sunk, one captured. One of the pirates' captives, along with some amount of stowed loot, were recovered from the captured ship. The captive, a young man named Gol Tivook who haled from a trading port round the south horn of Hadabartha and who had been abducted first by pirates, who he escaped in a port near Hadabartha, then as he tried to work in the streets as a story-teller, he was accosted by the 'professional' Bards and sold as a 'cook' to the pirates. Young Gol Tivook convinced them he was worth a modest ransom and thereby had been at least not killed by the pirates when his meals turned out to be only modestly good. The pirates forced him to cook and mend their gear while they awaited return on the ransom note they had sent to the minor noble family Gol Tivook had randomly blurted out while conniving to keep his life and buy a little time. Bennin oz Dohral is so impressed with the young Gol Tivooks story and his lore of places and histories that he offers Gol a choice of free passage on any DTC ship back to his home port, or free passage to accompany Bennin himself on his "final voyages". Gol Tivook chose the latter.

355 autumn[edit | edit source]

Eldon Esrogoth given contract on the province east of Tivook to settle a private debt with Bennin oz Dohral.

356 spring[edit | edit source]

City of Dohral founded, work begins with a dedication of a temple to Deeproot (planting of a grove and dedication of an altar). In the following week, work crews were sent out to bring in suitable timber from the region, great, straight pines which were felled, sheered of their limbs and hauled to the city site.

356 summer[edit | edit source]

By summer supplies were arriving from the dwarves too, cut stone blocks and so work began in earnest. Wizards arrived in the worksite where the city of Dohral is being born, great earth elementals are conjured by the wizards, which then were employed to drive the tree-trunks into the ground in a roughly square form around where the city will stand, even enclosing the sea side during low tide. With the wooden pilings driven into the ground around the future city's perimeter, the wizards (at low tide) caused the transmutation of all the rocks and earth within the great forms into a mass of mud. Earth elementals waded into the deep (50 m) mudpool and placed massive wooden structures within the mud which would later be the city's sewer system). The elementals were then sent inland with the some of the wizards to complete a roadway system extending now to the Toltaw Forest. The remaining wizards quickly caused the mud to transform to rock; a great solid block some 50 meters deep on which rests the city today. Soon after Ligull Chonda forms the Highguard of Dohral. This group is 'consecrated' as the first act of the opening of the temple of Finshi.

356 autumn[edit | edit source]

Zed Bolovin relocates to the new city of Dohral and begins organizing city operations. Dwarven supplies arrive in great quantities - hewn stone blocks of enormous size which are used to form the outer walls of the city, then later smaller sizes which were used to create the rest of the buildings within the city. Workmen toil through the winter - even with the aid of dwarven teams there on contract.

357 spring[edit | edit source]

Working piers and docks are a feature of the new city, much work remains, few buildings inside the city are completed, but the place is recognizable for the baths and the palace. Ramnath oz Bennin is born the eldest son of Bennin oz Dohral, Lord of the city of Dohral. Solbrey Algrada, the head of Bennin oz Dohral's security is charged with securing the city of Dohral, and establishing many of the methods and structures that protect the city's population today.

357 summer[edit | edit source]

Work continues on the Palace, baths and city walls. Some few smaller buildings in the city are fully functional, construction of secondary structures are commensed.

357 autumn[edit | edit source]

Completion of the last outer gate and the walls now overtop all gates of the new city of Dohral. The contracted wizards, having completed their duties remove themselves from the region back to their respective homes each replete with gold coins and many hauling sacks of herbs harvested during the road-building portion of the job.

357 winter[edit | edit source]

Work (mostly interior) continues through the winter. Only sporadic goblin attacks are recorded, small in number mostly by night, these are likely emboldened by the fact that there are no longer a host of earth elementals parked outside the walls.

358 spring[edit | edit source]

Bennin oz Dohral moves into his new palace in the city of Dohral. Fizna Egbort arrives in the city of Dohral. Finding the place a "quaint provincial outpost at best", it was clear he would not long remain.

358 summer[edit | edit source]

Dohral city Arena is dedicated, championed by and named for the city's greatest gaming enthusiast Zed Bolovin. Mercenary band under the leader Fahsoosh leagues with Bennin oz Dohral.

359 summer[edit | edit source]

Elspan Donnel retires as Ranking Captain of the DTC.

360 summer[edit | edit source]

Elspan Donnel founds the Donnel Trading Company, two of his sons, one formerly working for DTC and another working abroad join him.

361 spring[edit | edit source]

Eldon Esrogoth begins construction on his castle in 'Esrogoth Province', the work continues year round for most ten years with the help of all human labor, hired by Eldon Esrogoth for the job. It is said that Esrogoth was a generous employer and spared no expense on material nor labor.

363 summer[edit | edit source]

Fizna Egbort with several consorts but without his wife and children, departs the city of Dohral (allegedly for Hadabartha).

368 spring[edit | edit source]

Mercenary Hendi Tivook released from Dohral Militia at rank High Commander; founds Tivook Acres.

369 spring[edit | edit source]

Mercenary Humfoo retires from his second term of service with Dohral. He settles in the land earned with his service; a land he names Humfoodale, from whence he mounts many expeditions to find his homeland, though all end in failure. This same year Commander Krag retires from service in Dohral, claiming his title to the area later known as the Kragfell Cliffs.

370 summer[edit | edit source]

Eldon Esrogoth completes his 'Esrogoth Keep' and hosts a lavish party inviting all the social elite of the region EVEN the local dwarven clan leaders (whom he rather distains).

371 spring[edit | edit source]

In a bold move, all the inhabitants of a small island (Enanalan) are slain in a saghuan raid. All buildings are razed an no bodies are ever found. Word of the tragedy never reaches Fahsoosh (then owner of the isle where his family and family servants dwelled) who was abroad at the time of the incident.

372 summer[edit | edit source]

Mercenary leader Fahsoosh lost aboard small marine vessel with all hands. Celebrating 25 years of service to the Lord of Dohral, Lord Solbrey Algrada, First Seneschal of Dohral is honored with a statue in North Algrada in the city of Dohral.

373 spring[edit | edit source]

Death of High Commander Krag in an accident - his broken body found at Kragfel Cliffs. The death occured sometime in the previous 18 months but the body was not found, sufficient amounts of his personal gear were discovered likely scattered by wild animals after Krag had fallen to his death.

374 autumn[edit | edit source]

Zed Bolovin removes himself and family from the city of Dohral and relocates to Hadabartha, there to return to managing the DTC office affairs.

377 spring[edit | edit source]

Lakkal oz Ramnath is born the eldest son of Ramnath oz Bennin, Prince of the city of Dohral.

385[edit | edit source]

Galovin oz Etrudol, son of Etrudol oz Bennin, son of Bennin oz Dohral is born.

386[edit | edit source]

Word of the death of the Elder Tivook's oldest son in battle in far Tepatha border skirmishes.

386 autumn[edit | edit source]

Ligull Chonda dies valiantly in battle against a marauding band of orcs who ambushed his patrol in the northlands beyond the lumbercamps in the Toltaw Forest.

387 spring[edit | edit source]

Vannumath Donnel, first born of Finther Donnel is born in the city of Dohral.

388[edit | edit source]

The Sultan of Tepatha's fortunes wane as bandits plague the routes north of his desert kingdom.

389[edit | edit source]

The Sultan of Tepatha sends word to his allies of a celebratory feast marking the execution of 101 thieves.

390[edit | edit source]

Last known contact from the Elder Tivook's third son Kerlaka who vanished after a seige action near a nameless Southern Desert fort. The elder Tivook, grieving, withdraws to his manse in Tivook Province and his little heard of outside his immediate family.

390 summer[edit | edit source]

Bennin oz Dohral, founder of the City of Dohral dies of a fever. As the Lord of the City he is succeeded by his eldest son Ramnath oz Bennin.

390 autumn[edit | edit source]

Elspan Donnel falls ill, and with failing health relinquishes control of the Donnel Trading Company to his eldest son Finther.

391[edit | edit source]

Kosurno, a boldly-gesturing deeply-tanned trader from the southern deserts of Tepatha, establishes Kosurno's Cashe in Vestalla, where he is purveyor of many fine wares originating in his homeland.

392[edit | edit source]

Kosurno's half-brother Erlak Redblade becomes his more famous relative's chief enforcer/guard.

393[edit | edit source]

Tivook's second son Venmost, returned home from the Falderwood region with a young elven lady named Jenalickarani as his wife. The union was never accepted by the elder Tivook, and was ultimately without issue.

394 autumn[edit | edit source]

Eldon Esrogoth concludes his affairs in the region, declares Esrogoth Keep a Creche and departs the region of Dohral for good. Though he travels, none are certain where, although over the following years, children were brought to the Creche from many far-flung locations and a continuous flow of reputable scholars were hired for ten year contracts of service to teach there.

395[edit | edit source]

Galovin oz Etrudol takes the throne of the City of Dohral under his mother Egalda's supervision.

397 autumn[edit | edit source]

Mercenary Humfoo dies of heartache.

398 spring[edit | edit source]

Gronnal oz Lakkal is born, first born son of Lakkal oz Ramnath, Prince of Dohral.

398 summer[edit | edit source]

Tivook's fourth son Elscoba    returns with significant wealth and prestige from campaigns in defense of the (Cholla stronghold-city) Tregeddon Moorings (a floating city where ships are able to exchange goods mid-ocean) during an unprecedented saghuan offensive.

400 [beta test begins][edit | edit source]

401[edit | edit source]

Tivook's fifth (youngest) son Geldreg returns from campaigns in the army and later city guard of the city of Hadabartha. He had attained no great rank, but a wealth of experience and a modest cache of booty.

400-410[edit | edit source]

410-420[edit | edit source]

414: A pox passes through the lands, touching few but being killing most of those afflicted, most dying within three days from weeping lesions.

427 autumn[edit | edit source]

Finther Donnel falls ill, and quickly wastes away. The Donnel Trading Company is thus passed precipitiously upon his eldest son Vannumath.

420-430[edit | edit source]

430-440[edit | edit source]

444 autumn[edit | edit source]

Lakkal oz Ramnath Lord of the city of Dohral dies of drowning having fallen overboard in a ship voyage en route to Vestalla.

440-450[edit | edit source]

450-460[edit | edit source]

460-470[edit | edit source]

470-480[edit | edit source]

475[edit | edit source]

The Dark Lord Saga

477[edit | edit source]

Gronnal oz Lakkal dies of a fever.

480-490[edit | edit source]

490-500[edit | edit source]

500[edit | edit source]

500-510[edit | edit source]

  • 500: The Void and Darkness sealed for a second time (The Shadow Saga)
  • 500-510: The Argrentum Regio - Neo Leguardian War.
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