Urzhnark, (though properly it is "'urzhnark" and most dwarves secretly laugh at the poor pronunciation of most non dwarven speakers of this word) a dwarven word meaning 'howling'. This is often used in refering to the 'Urzhnark mountains and the passages found beneath them.

'Urzhnark Mountains[edit | edit source]

The 'Urzhnark Mountains earned their name from the dwarven lord of the Hurzigwaathk [rockfist] clan who stated they were the source of the fierce storms that often trail northward from here. Although the dwarf lords' science may be less than accurate, his name of the region stuck and we today all know the 'Urzhnarks as a treacherous range of krags stretching from the sea near Dohral to the northeast a considerable distance. It is here, at the southern edge that one finds the Eastern Citadel, and the city of Dohral.

Hurzigwaathk Decline[edit | edit source]

Soon after naming the region, the clan settled near the Eastern Citadel and began working a great dig. While only two generations into the work, the clan hit hard times and soon had to sell-off the clan claim to the region, and relocated to deeper places as a number of smaller settlements with common clan-name but no full dwarven hold of their own. It is not uncommon to meet a member of the clan traveling the region to this day, as most are now traveling traders of other clan's goods.

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