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Valerion Turingskar
Race: Assumed Human
Gender: Male
Age: Assumedly at

least 106 years (Physically appears

to be in his mid 30's)

Alignment: Affably Evil
Religion: Faylyna
35 Wizard / 5 Rogue

Lord of Vestalla

Archmage of Vestalla

Keeper of the Tower

The Pale Lord

The Shadowlord

Survivor of the Abyss

Status: Alive
Player: Vindsalur

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General Discription[]

A about 1,75 metres high man, weighing about 70 kilograms.

The skin is as pale as that of a vampire almost like ash, while his hair is of a raven and most likely dyed black.

His general stature is wiry but neither muscular nor extremely thin, he looks like the average scribe that takes a walk now and then and does some gymnastics.

What is odd about this person are his eyes, they are unkown to all but a few, for they are covered by a grey gleam most of the time, that changes in brightness depending on moods or whim of Valerion.

Most of the time he is clad in black robes, sometimes with purple, mostly with decorations of golden thread or even plating of gold and platinum.

He carries a short sword and a dagger at his sides and in his hand either shouldered a staff or his favourite crossbow, often he also wears one of two masks, either one that shows a human skull face and sprouts dragon horns or a black mask that has two eye sockets that gleam in emerald green.

He often reeks of the death perfume Patchouli or of bone dust.


Little is known about this mysterious mage, except for the fact that he was a student of the great magician Meldramin who had had vanished not long after Valerion came to Dohral to further his education in the arcane arts outside of his mentors confinements.

After a lot of research, experiments and adventures he has become one of the most powerful people in all of the realm and the most prized and mightiest enchanter of the current century, harboring lore, secrets, spells and rare ingredients amass, and handing out little unless one has something equally valuable in return.

In Character Facts[]

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The Early stages of the Void. (Harvesting of essences and destruction of a few holy symbols of the Void. Never got tricked by it due to his own cunning subtlety)

Freed the Eastern Citadel of a tyrannical dragon

Returned the great Maul of an Avatar of Sorton Stonebreak to the dwarven temple in the Citadel.

Supplied Lord Varren Evington (The Wolf) with silver arms sales and silver golems. (One of the conditions was to allow all tame Lycanthropes to find a new home around his towers forests which serve as a safe Haven

Lifted the seaside siege on Dohral by the Leguardian Empire through a suprise attack which either destroyed the marine vessels of the Empire or drove them off, enabling seaside trade and fishing again.

Has foiled the plans to forbid Shadow Magic during a council of archmages and members of the Cholla.

Drove the Leguardians out of Humfoo with an attack he called the "Bloodmoon" which was basically a series of ambushes combining with a massive scale assault.

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The Enclave of Shadowlords

The Lords of the Realm

  • What Status

Lord of the Island of Vestalla

Keeper of the Meldramin Tower.

He is the head of the Enclave of Shadowlords, although nothing is known yet of this very secluded group of powerful individuals, the name has leaked through, but that it is...just a name of a group that noone knows a thing about.

  • Other facts:

He is not an official Vessel to Dohral, but supports Dohral like one.

His army measures 20.000 men, including lycanthropes, mercenaries, undead and other creatures and minions.

Anyone who has approached Valerions Tower without invitation, did not return alive...if at all.

Has the largest and strongest collection of lore, spells, ingredients, and secrets in the entire realm.

Known Relationships[]

Alliances with the Lords of the Realm, with which is mainly unknown.

Strong Bonds with the Lord of Dohral, the Lord of Humfoo and the Eastern Citadel.

Buisness relationship with Lord Varren Evington (The Wolf)

Some Buisness with Enflavious von Dulendale

Valerion and  A'rys  

A'rys has viewed her relationship over the years wilth Valerion as a like/hate.  One one hand she respects his abilities as a fellow mage however on the other, she feels he is self centered, devious manipulator.

They have worked together on occassion but only out of necessity.  She can not be sure, but she feels he might be jealous that she and not he is Enflavious' apprentice.

(added by Animayhem player of A'rys)


There is nothing known about Valerions family except that he has named the Archmage Meldramin as his father or mentor from time to time.

Suspected Facts/ Rumours[]

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As some example of rumours maybe:

  • Suspected Origins


  • Relationships that people can't proove but suspect

- It is rumored that he is a member of the Cholla or at least has some ties to them.

- Despite the plentiful fuel for far more interesting rumours, it seems quite a few folk are speculating on the titbit that Valerion has a wife. Some folks either doubt this claim, or enjoy the wild speculations going around, including: Valerion's wife is dead. She is undead. She's a vampire. She's a demon, either ugly or beautiful. Valerion has multiple wives, infact, he collects them. Valerion has no wife at all and made it all up. Valerion actually has a husband. To folk not participating in the rumour mongering, the only thing they can say about Valerion's marital status is that people seem far too interested in it. (Added by another Player)

  • General rumours bad or good


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