Argentum Regio Wiki

The wiki is open to the community, and people are welcomed and encouraged to add to it. Typically wikias encourage a certain amount of professionalism and objectivty, which is also encouraged on community pages (community pages are pages open to anyone to edit, unlike semi-private pages such as Player Character pages). This includes:

  •  Avoiding making 'stub' pages. These are pages that only include a sentence or short paragraph on a topic. When at all possible, try to group any topics like this together. For example, the Deities page covers all deities, rather then each deity haveing its own page.
  • When possible, attempt to keep to standard layouts. This helps keep things navigatable and avoid confusion. Exceptions are made for personal pages, such as PC pages.
  • Before uploading a picture, check to see if there is a similar one in the database you can use. The Wiki will usually inform you if you are about to upload an image that appears to already be in the database.
  • Avoid using first person such as 'I'. On a wiki, it's often difficult to tell who 'I' is referring to, so it's better to either use 'we/our/us' as a representation of the community or use a name.
  • Try to avoid glorifying your own characters. This can be hard, especially in Story pages, as you are writing from your perspective, which naturally surrounds your character. However, wikis are meant to be as objective as possible, and avoid biasm. If you notice a page that seems to give unwarranted attention to a particular player or character, send a message to either that player or an admin. This is to prevent accidental offence.
  • Try to source your images, if you are uploading a picture you found on the internet. This is to avoid any possible copyright infringment.
  • Try to judge when a page calls for formality, or could favour from more informal text. Typically, formality is preferable, as it's easier to read and doesn't isolate anyone, but informality can be used on pages that are ore focused on speaking directly to the reader, rather than give objective information.
  • Remember some readers may not have played Argentum Regio or even Neverwinter Nights. Try to write as if adressing a general audience and clarify unusual terms (Eg, HTF= Hunger Thirst Fatigue system).

Here is a simple step by step wikihow on writing a wiki article .

However, unlike some wikia's which are focused on giving all available information to the player base, note that this wiki attempts to differentiate between 'Out of Character' information and 'In Character' information. This is to avoid accidental metagaming and encourage players to find the answers In Game. For example, you may stumble upon something which appears to be unusual- as a random example, the lair of an unusual cult, that required you solving puzzles to reach to begin with. Or the recipe to a powerful potion that usually requires hours of IG studying. In these cases, this information should not be commonly known among the player base, or to new players, and should not be written in the wiki. You may suggest rumours or give hints (The more mysterious and bigger the secret, the more vague or misleading the hint and rumour should be, if written at all).

Note that any offences on the wiki will reported back to DM's and Admins, and could result in a full ban from the wiki, forum and server. 


Vandalism will not be tolerated for any reason and will result in an immediate ban. Offensive comments, unexplained deletion of information or pages, or deliberately writing or replacing text with misinformation will be treated as vandalism. In some cases your edit may be reversed and an explanation required- if there was a valid reason for unusual edits, the edit may be redone and the ban revoked. The ban may be temporary or permanent depending on the situation.

Player Character Pages[]

These pages belong to the player who owns the character detailed. Editing details on PC pages other than your own PCs with out permission is not allowed, and will be flagged and edits undone. Repeated offences may result in a temporary or permanent ban. Blatant vandalism of a PC page will be treated as such and result in a permanent ban from the wiki. Admins may edit PC pages occasionally, either to fix a layout issue, remove offensive text, or other similar issues. If you feel your character page has been wrongly edited, send a message to either that admin or another, either using the wiki or the forum. Note that the forum offers more private messaging systems.


Sending messages to people on the wiki that can be considered threatening or harassing will result in a ban, either temporary or permanent. If you have an issue with another editor or player, inform an admin.

Repeated re-edits[]

If an admin has undone an edit please request the reason why before redoing the edit. Repeatedly redoing an edit will be considered a form of vandalism. If you feel your edit has been wrongly undone and the admin in question is being unreasonable, you may repeal to another admin. If the judgement is affirmed, then you must accept it.

If another player keeps undoing your edit, or redoing an edit you have undone, first message that player and request the reason. If an agreement cannot be reached, inform an admin. The admins' decision is final.

Any attempts to re-edit after an admin has ruled against it will be consider vandalism.

Adult themes or language[]

Sexual content or themes, strong language or graphic descriptions of violence (Such as torture or gore), are not permitted. The server is publicly PG, and so too is the wiki. Any adult content will be removed. Attempts to re-post it will be considered vandalism. Occasionally strong language may be connected to Roleplay, and may be permitted, but it is encouraged to avoid in when ever possible.