"Wilderness Runners"

Leader: Eriniel Tano* 

No. PCs: 6
Status: Inactive

Restricitons: An urge to explore,

A keen mind.

Allies: ?

Rivals: ?

"There are rangers, and then there are rangers."

In Character Information[edit | edit source]

A group of varied classes and skills who seek the heart of some secret (of what nature you will have to ask a guild member yourself). Although mostly comprised of rangers, whose skills allow them to explore far, and notice much, other classes are welcome.

Events Involved In[edit | edit source]


Out of Character Information[edit | edit source]

Eriniel is active, but the character 'Eriniel Tano' is not.

The guild was once very active, and took part in many events. They could be described as 'The Harper Scouts' of Argentum Regio. If enough interest is shown, the guild may be reactivated.

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